The Trials of Spring


It was the first day of spring and she’d had enough of being indoors.  The weather had finally turned and she decided upon a stroll about her garden.  Everything was in bloom and it made her heart sing to smell the delicate fragrance of honeysuckle and see the bees flitting from flower to flower.

The beauty of the surrounds made it all the more distressing when she happened upon her gardener on his knees, weeding the flower beds, completely nude.

“What do you think you’re doing?”  she asked, her voice rising more than she meant to.

The wretched man didn’t bat an eyelid, just stood up, turned to face her and grinned.

“Oh, just finishing the weeding.  Hoped to have it all done before you ventured outdoors.  But, well, here you are.”

“Yes, here I am.  You have nothing on you know,” she blurted out.

“I’m aware of that.  Is that a problem?”

“Yes, actually, it is.”

“Why? It was clearly stated in my contract.”

“Your what?” she asked incredulously.

“My contract, it’s a document that sets out the…”

“I know what a contract is,” she snapped, pushing her spectacles back to the bridge of her nose.

“Well mine states I will garden nude.  It’s not my problem if you didn’t read it properly,” he said with a decisive nod.

It was about this time that she noticed a decidedly mischievous twinkle in the man’s eye and took a different tack.

“A contract you say.  Hmmm, I have standing terms and conditions for any contractors that work on my estate, would you like to hear them?”

“I suppose they only apply to nude gardeners.”

“But of course,” she smirked.

“Why don’t I tell you what your terms and conditions are?”

She thought about that for a moment and nodded for him to continue, wondering just where it might go.


“I would think they include some sort of punishment,” says the man and then looks around. “You might make him bend over that bird bath there and give him twenty good strokes with that pretty leather belt you’re wearing.”


She looked down at the belt and then back at him as a slow smile spread across her face.  “Well done, I see you did read them.  Best get comfy then.”

She had him lie across the bird bath, undid her belt and drew it through the loops.  Placing a hand on his back to steady him she raised her right arm and let fly with the belt.  As it cracked across both cheeks she said, “next time, I hope you remember to bring your clothes.”

“Next time, I hope you remember to bring your paddle,” was his reply which caused him to get quite a few more than twenty good strokes.

So, it came to pass that the Lady and the Gardener found an enjoyable way to celebrate the first day of spring.


Halloween Hope

The Halloween party was in full swing by the time Jerrod arrived.  Ghosts, pirates, vampires, fairies, witches and the odd Frankenstein danced around with drinks and finger food.  A macabre cocktail party.  He had never been to one of Mara’s Halloween parties which was surprising considering they had been friends since childhood.

Jerrod scanned the crowd hoping to glimpse Kel but she was nowhere to be seen. Kel and he met a couple of weeks ago, by chance when he dropped by Mara’s workplace and since then had seen each other every day.

Kel was something else; long brown hair, smoky grey eyes and though of a similar height to Jerrod she had a presence that made her seem taller somehow.  In a room, she did not go unnoticed.

Jerrod felt two arms slide around his waist as a teasing mouth nipped at his neck.

“Hello lover, what kept you?” Kel whispered softly biting his earlobe.

“I got tied up,” Jerrod responded.

“By anyone I know?”

Jerrod laughed, she said this sort of thing often.  He turned in her arms and captured her mouth with his for a hungry and searing kiss then stood back to appraise her.  Kel looked stunning in a sort of vampiress get-up comprising a black corset, tight leather mini-skirt and thigh high boots.  Jerrod caught his breath; add a whip and she was his fantasy domme come to life.  Shivers coursed through him; he harboured hope.

“You look fantastic!” Jerrod said.

“Thank you.  I see you are Han Solo, what a dashing hero you make.  Pity you didn’t come as Chewbacca I could have lead you around in handcuffs.”

Jerrod figured on being Chewbacca at the next costume party and hoped it was soon.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“No thanks, maybe later, but for now…Mara has this place all decked out, come on let’s go have a look around.  She even has a dungeon set up downstairs,” Kel winked at Jerrod as she lead him away.

The dungeon was really a lock up garage that Mara had converted for some extra Halloween atmosphere and for anything else her guests might want.  There was a St Andrews Cross at one end and stocks at another.  Various implements of torture hung from one of the walls, some for show, some for play.  The crossed swords and axes added to the detail and the walls had been painted to look like bricks.  A fake skeleton also hung from chains its mouth ajar as though in agony or perhaps ecstasy one couldn’t quite tell.  Next to the fake skeleton was a hidden door that opened to a small bathroom, it stood ajar and Kel closed it off as she walked past.

Jerrod was amazed at how much work Mara had gone to and they both wandered around the room looking and touching various things.

“She’s gone to a lot of trouble,” Jerrod noted.

“Oh, she always puts on a great Halloween bash,” replied Kel.

“I’ve always been out of town, usually visit with family this time of year, so I’ve never been to one of her parties before.”

“Then we shall have to ensure this is one you won’t soon forget.”

Jerrod was staring at the St Andrews Cross.

“Where did she get this gear from?”

“Oh, borrowed it from a friend I believe.  Fancy a go? A bad boy like you really deserves to be tied to one of these.”

Jerrod couldn’t believe his ears, he went to turn around but Kel was behind him and kept him in place.  She gently marched him forward.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Kel nipped his earlobe again.  “You try so hard to keep it inside but I see it, all that desire shimmering on the surface. You like it when I take over, don’t you? You find it exciting, it arouses you.”

It wasn’t really a question but Jerrod answered anyway.


“Then here is the perfect opportunity to see what fun we can have.  Give me you left hand.”

Jerrod did as he was told and she secured the arm to the X-frame.

“Now the other.”

Kel took Jerrod’s other arm and secured that also.  She had not secured him tightly just enough for him to feel immobilised but not so he didn’t feel he had lost all control.


“Ah, yes,” Jerrod was unsure but wanted to see where this might lead.

“Well now,” Kel continued, “let’s have a little chat shall we.  I have a bone to pick with you.”

Kel slid her hands down the front of Jerrod’s pants and rubbed his cock which had already begun to swell whilst she tied him up.

“Not that bone, but oh my, you do seem to be enjoying yourself.  However, that is not what I wanted to discuss. Here we are two weeks into a delightful romance and I think it high time we both come clean.  You see, I don’t normally date men like you.”

“What do you mean, men like me?” Jerrod asked confused.

“I mean I don’t date vanilla men.  Do you understand what I mean by that?”

Kel continued to explore him with her hands as she spoke; teasing his nipples, cupping his balls and biting his neck.  He should be worried about someone walking in but at the moment couldn’t care less, surely, she had locked the door.

“Yes, I understand, but there’s something I should tell you.”

“You don’t have to darling, I already know.  Couldn’t believe my luck.”

“How did you…” Jerrod broke off…Mara, damnit he knew he said too much the last time they got drunk together.

“Well Mara and I have been friends for a long time too and there isn’t much we don’t discuss.  But, I digress, as I said I have a bone to pick with you.”

Kel’s hands continued their torturous play and he was as hard as rock though it seemed she wasn’t ready to grant him any satisfaction just yet.

“As I said, here we are two weeks into a delightful romance full of possibilities and what do I find out?  You still have your profile open on Tinder.  Asking you to close any profiles on dating sites obviously was not an explicit enough request.  Perhaps I just don’t speak plainly enough for you? Hmm?”  She pinched his nipples hard and Jerrod gasped out his answer.

“No, it’s not that, I just thought…”

“Thought what?”

“That I should keep my options open, in case you weren’t interested in…” Jerrod got out with difficulty and hung his head in shame.

“But I am and do you know what happens now?”

“I’ll close it immediately, now if I can use Mara’s computer.”

Kel laughed and nuzzled his ear. “Of course, you will just as soon as you are free to but for now punishment is in order.”

Jerrod didn’t think he could get any harder but her laughter, warm breath and that word made him feel dizzy with lust.  He felt her hands at his belt and seconds later his pants falling to his feet.  He desperately hoped he wouldn’t disgrace himself and come before she even touched him and God he hoped the door was locked.

Kel pushed Jerrod’s underpants down but they got caught on his erection.  She yanked them freeing him to the cool air and gripped him in her fist to slide slowly up and down his length a few times.  Jerrod gritted his teeth trying to hold himself together. Kel let go of him and raked her nails gently over exposed buttocks and gave them both a hearty slap.

“How lovely to see my handprint there, it is almost like a mark of ownership.  In fact, that is very much how I feel right now.  But that isn’t what we are here for.  This is not a good angle for spanking with my hand, so I think I shall use a paddle instead. Agreed?”


“You’re doing wonderfully and later we shall discuss all this in depth but for now…well let’s get this punishment out of the way.  I’m just going to the opposite side of the room and will be right back…don’t go anywhere.”

Tied to the St Andrews Cross Jerrod could do nothing of the sort and he heard the laughter in her voice at her own joke and smiled to himself. She couldn’t believe her luck?  Neither could he. A moment later he heard her boot heels clicking across the floor toward him.

“Since this is our first time together like this I’ll keep it simple.  A dozen you will receive, no a baker’s dozen since we will be toasting buns.  You will count them out for me.”


Kel delivered the first six, with increasing intensity so the first was with enough sting to get his attention and the last with enough bite for him to realise he had to endure seven more.

“One…two…three…four…five…six…” Jerrod uttered aloud after each one.

“Nicely taken, but remember this is a punishment and I would like you to remember them for at least an hour or two, so are you ready for the next six?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Ask me nicely.”

“Kel, please give me the last six.”

“Good boy.” Kel dragged Jerrod’s head back by his hair and kissed him ravenously which he returned with as much gusto.

Kel then laid on six of her best at full swing.  She spaced them out so Jerrod could catch his breath after each one and delighted in his groans and moans.

“Seven… ..eight……..nine………ten….ohhh….eleven…..ahhhhh…..twelve.  Thank you, Kel,” Jerrod said stoically trying not to show how much it had hurt or how much he cherished every one.

“Thanking me so soon?  Why, we are not finished.  A baker’s dozen consists of thirteen not twelve,” Kel said softly.  It sounded to Jerrod as though she too was out of breath.  Was it possible she enjoyed this as much as he did?

“Thirteen,” Kel continued, “unlucky for some, but not for us, not tonight.  I’m going to untie you but want you to remain in the same position for this last one.”

“Okay,” Jerrod agreed, it’s only one more after all.

Kel let fly with the last spank and managed to catch him squarely across the tops of his thighs sending a searing pain through the area.  He had thought the other twelve were hard but nothing compared to this last one and yelped in response.

“Get down on your knees now,” Kel ordered.

Jerrod did so without thinking and watched as Kel hiked her skin-tight skirt up to her waist.  She wasn’t wearing any panties and the sight of her neatly trimmed pubic hair and soaked pussy made his mouth water.

“Put your mouth on me.”

And he did, with pleasure.  Her taste overwhelmed his senses and her moans aroused him unbearably as he licked, sucked and caressed her intimate flesh.  She held his head to her as his tongue speared into her, lapping at her wet core.  He felt the fine tremors in her and continued his assault bent on ensuring her pleasure until he heard her cry out in delight and grip him tightly.  His mouth was flooded with her essence and he eagerly drank her in.

Kel moved away from him, her chest heaving and looked down to see his cock as erect as before.  She immediately pushed him onto his back and straddled him on the floor taking his shaft inch by inch into her hot depths.  Finesse be damned, he gripped her hips as she rode him and muscles corded and straining he came with blinding intensity.

Jerrod held Kel tight to him as their breathing returned to normal.  She pushed herself up to lean on his chest and look at his face.

“You alright?” she asked.

“Never better,” Jerrod grinned at her.

“Come on time to get back to the party, besides someone else might want to use this room.”

They used the hidden bathroom to clean up and put their clothes back in order.  Kel kissed Jerrod and smiled.

“Well, they would have got a hell of an earful if they were listening at the door,” Jerrod said continuing the conversation.

“An eyeful you mean, I never locked the door.”

“What?  Then all that time…Oh.”

“Yes, Oh.  Don’t worry if anybody had come in they would just have been jealous at the delicious scene we made.  Now, we have some other business to attend to do we not?  Unless you have changed your mind.  Best to speak up now.”

“No, quite the opposite my beautiful Kel, quite the opposite.”

“Then Happy Halloween, darling Jerro.  Let’s go find Mara.”

House Warming

“…great, I’ll see you in about 20 minutes then,” I said then hung up the phone.

My new home. A spacious one bedroom, well I didn’t need any more room than that there was only me and of course my gorgeous cat.

“He’s coming over Henry,” I said to my cat as he purred happily on the corner of my dark comfy sofa. “So, you had better behave. No rubbing against him and leaving your fur everywhere, I’m the only one allowed to rub against him. Got it?”

Henry licked a paw, closed his eyes and purred louder. “I’ll take that as a yes then.”

I looked around and decided it was tidy enough. I had no intention of fussing, what you see is what you get, this is my place I will do as I please here. With that in mind I went to the kitchen and put a particularly large wooden spoon I had purchased on the counter.

TV didn’t much interest me so I put on a Sam Brown CD and curled up on the sofa to flick through a magazine. Henry decided my spot looked comfier than his and he was soon curled up with me.


The doorbell rang and I almost jumped out of my skin, not being used to the sound. I shuffled to the door in my slippers, straightened my skirt, raked my fingers through my hair and opened it.

“Hi Geoff! Come in,” I said gesturing him into my home.

“Hi Melanie,” he replied and stepped in to kiss me hello. I returned the kiss and added a hug.

“Come through, there’s not much to see but it is cosy.”

“It’s nice and you seem to be all settled in. Didn’t know you had a cat.”

“Oh, that’s Henry. Don’t let him take advantage of you. Can I get you something to drink? Tea, coffee, wine?”

“Tea would be great, thanks.”

Geoff wandered over and petted Henry then followed me into the kitchen. He immediately noticed the wooden spoon on the counter. Laughing he picked it up.

“Hmm, now what is this doing out when there appears to be no cooking going on?”

“One likes to be prepared for all eventualities,” I said with a cheeky grin on my face then turned back to the task of making tea for two.

I heard the spoon before I felt it but yelped all the same. This wasn’t how things were meant to go. Time to improvise. Turning around I grabbed the spoon out of Geoff’s hand and backed him up to my new dining table. His eyes lit up with mischief and something else…anticipation.

“This is my new dining table; do you like it?” I asked him and gripping his arms I spun him around to have a better look.

“Very nice,” he said.

“Take a closer look.” I gently pushed his back so that he lays over the dining table in the perfect position for me to use the wooden spoon on his backside. I wasted no time and bring it down hard on the seat of his pants.

“I had the spoon first!” he grumbled.

“Aww, too bad you didn’t hold onto it.” I then set up a good pace whacking each cheek as hard as I could. “I bet you can hardly feel that through those jeans.”

“Trust me,” he said, “I can feel it.”

“Nahh, not well enough. Stand up.” Geoff stood and attempted to turn around. “Ah, ah, ah, stay where you are.” I undid his belt and then his jeans and let them slide down to his feet before pushing him over the dining table again.

“Having fun Melanie?”

“Immensely!” That said I went back to whacking his bottom with abandon. Soon enough I got the few grunts of pain I hoped for.

I moved away, pulled out one of the dining room chairs and seated myself. “Get those trousers and underpants off. Time for a real spanking.”

Geoff stood again, a little breathless this time but still grinning all the same. “That was a real spanking.”

“No, no it wasn’t, come along,” I said and smiling patted my knees. I handed him the wooden spoon when he was in place. “Here, hold onto this for a while.”

Getting comfortable I held him tightly around the waist and then started smacking his bare bum with my hand. Light to medium spanks only including the tops of Geoff’s thighs, that always got his attention. He was a little tender and pink from the wooden spoon so my hand was making an impression quickly. Harder spanks had the odd ‘ow’ coming out much to my delight.

“Well you have always made it clear you were happy to have a spanking ‘just because’ so here we are,” I stated as I continued spanking though my hand was starting to feel it.

“Indeed, I do, as do you, won’t be long before you too shall be squirming and singing.”

“Yes, but not just yet. Be a good chap and pass me the wooden spoon.”

“So soon?”

“Are you complaining?” I added a few very hard spanks with my words.

“No, no, just asking.”

“Hmm…” I alternated hard with soft spanks to keep him guessing and ensuring the target area got its just deserts.

“Geoff, can you reach one of my slippers?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied and without being asked removes my left slipper and hands it up to me.

“You see, you are a good boy and we know what happens to good boys don’t we?” I brought the slipper down hard across his sit spots.

“Yes, we do.”


“Yes, we do, ma’am.”

I laughed and applied the slipper with vigour, alternating slow with fast, soft with hard. When both of Geoff’s cheeks were a lovely deep shade of pink and I was getting regular grunts of pain only then was I satisfied.

“All done, you did very well. I don’t have any cream in here, we shall have to go into the bedroom for that,” I added slyly.

He knelt next to my chair catching his breath a little red in the face. I caught his chin in my hand and kissed him. “You alright?”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that.”

“Decided to start as I mean to go on, besides I had to make sure my new dining suite was up to it.”

“Yeah right, any excuse will do, now my turn.”

“What? Oh, but I have to get the cream.” I jumped up and tried to run off with Geoff hot on my heels. My slipper slowed me down and he caught me before I got out of the lounge. I soon found myself face down on my own bed over Geoff’s lap, skirt up and knickers being tugged down.

“This is your house warming present which will be more of a bum warming present,” he said obviously pleased with the turn of events.

“Hang on, I started on your jeans this isn’t fair.”

“That was your prerogative and this is mine. I say on the bare. Now, I seem to remember in our last discussion the mention of six hard ones to start with the hairbrush.”

“No, that was you that said that.”

“Precisely,” Geoff said and brought the wooden hairbrush he had snagged off the dressing table on the way in down on my bottom with little mercy.

“Oooowwww, hey, not fair…Ahhh! Oooh! Ouch! No! Stop!”

“There you go six hard ones, you did well. Mr Hand to continue.”

“Oh, okay then, if you must,” I said and tried to hide my grin, knowing that I wouldn’t be grinning all the time. A perfect house warming present indeed.


Switched with Delight

“…forty, ahhh, forty-one,” she yelped, breathing hard.

“There, a birthday spanking you won’t soon forget. Was it all that you hoped for?” he asked as he rubbed the soothing cream into her burning bottom.

“More than, thank you,” she sighed dreamily still floating somewhere near the ceiling.

“You did very well, I did do it quite hard and thought you might give out around thirty. But no, my brave girl took them all.”

“Yes, and soon your brave girl is going to have some fun of her own.”

“But you are the birthday girl and…”

“And as such can decide whether she wants to spank next or be spanked. I choose to spank,” she turned her head and gave him a delighted and slightly evil grin.

“You want a cup of tea then, or something?” he hedged.

“Nope, just you, my knee, face down. Nowish.”

“A foot massage?”

“Nope,” she said again patting her knee, “I will take it easy…to start.”

He snorted with laughter, then sighed and got into position.

“Over the jeans? Well since I think my hand will be about as effective as swatting a fly with a toothpick I am forced to start with something a little sturdier. How about Larry the leather paddle?”

“Can you not give them male names when you use them on me.”

She rolls her eyes. “Okay Lucy the leather paddle,” and finishes by bringing it down hard on his backside.


“Got your attention, did it? No more back-chat my boy or things will get worse for you.”

She hears him laughing.

“Are you laughing at me?” And before he is able to answer starts whacking away with glee and abandon. “You will be laughing on the other side of your face when you feel this on the bare.”

“No doubt,” he replied as more laughter spilled out.

“All right get those jeans off now. Let’s see if I can get make you sing a real happy birthday to me.”

“This was supposed to be your spanking remember.”

“Indeed, and it is my spanking…my spanking of you and I can’t remember enjoying my birthday more. We’ll have tea and cake to celebrate later…much later.”

Holding him in place she started on the first of what would be much more than forty swats.


Fair Trade

Mary entered the house and deposited her keys on the sideboard. She ran her hands through her hair; it had been a difficult day.

“How are you?” Nigel asked.

She turned to look at him. He was a lovely sight, casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with worry in his eyes.

“I’m fine,” Mary said beginning to shrug out of her jacket. Nigel stepped behind her and took off the jacket and hung it up for her.

“I should have been with you,” he said.

“It all happened so quickly. One minute I am getting a regular check-up, the next minute the doctor has made the appointment with the specialist. I had less than twenty minutes to get across town.”

“I was in a meeting, I didn’t get the message until I came out. Grilled my PA something terrible for not disturbing me.”

Mary smiled up at him. “Then you will have to apologise to her tomorrow. There’s no excuse for bad manners and she can’t read your mind.”

Nigel blushed, grabbed Mary to him and just held her close. “I should have been with you.”

“Shhh, it’s okay, we are fine, everything will be fine,” Mary reassured him.

Nigel led Mary to the lounge where he had a glass of wine waiting for her. She made herself comfortable and sat back to sip her wine. Nigel sat at her feet, removed her shoes and began massaging her feet. With a deep sigh of satisfaction Mary settled comfortably and watched him work.

“We will get the results Monday, but the doctor was very positive after all the tests were completed,” Mary explained.

“Were the tests painful?” Nigel asked.

“No, the ultrasound wasn’t and I was under anaesthetic for the biopsy so I didn’t feel anything. The mammogram was interesting, not painful exactly but uncomfortable for a moment. Imagine having your balls squeezed in a vice and it might give you some idea.”

He blushed to the roots of his hair and she let out a peal of laughter. Bending forward she caught his chin and forced his gaze up to hers. “You like the sound of that.”

“Maybe,” Nigel admitted.

“It wasn’t a question, my love.”

“No, but I am here for your pleasure, whatever that may entail.”

“Of course, and I shall do as I please, but you don’t think that would be a little unfair?”

“I didn’t sign up for fair…Ma’am.”

Mary smiled her wicked smile and moved from the couch to straddle him pushing him to the floor in the process. She leant down and kissed him tasting his lips and tongue.

“Take your T-shirt off,” Mary ordered as she stood, unbuttoned and removed her blouse. The panties were off next and she dropped them on his face. She seated herself on his chest as she rubbed the crotch of her panties over his face, he groaned and she threw them aside. Taking hold of his sensitive nipples she pinched them both hard.

“Oh, what’s the matter? prefer a taste of the real thing?”

“Yes,” he strangled out.

“Not just yet, some rules for the night. If you can bring me to orgasm five times using only your mouth and hands I might, that is might, not will, allow you to come. If you don’t manage five, then you will find out exactly what it feels like to have your balls crushed.”

“Five it is Ma’am.”

Mary stood while Nigel removed her clothes. She re-seated herself on the couch and took up her wine. She knew how she looked; imperious and womanly, and as Nigel knelt between her legs and ran his hands from her feet to her thighs he glanced up at her.

“You couldn’t do anything for me today but there is plenty you can do for me now. Just remember one thing,” she said.


“I love you.”

Nigel set to work to show her with actions how much he loved her in return.


Switching Proposal

Special thanks to Darren for his assistance with this story.


Deidre sat in the company board room alone. The place was empty; a state-wide public holiday meant a skeleton staff was required. She, apparently, was the skeleton.

The company was looking at switching storage companies and a representative was coming to entice her to make the change; another poor soul who had to work instead of enjoying the day off.

Sighing she glanced over the proposal but her mind drifted to the chat she had with her online friend that morning. Smiling she remembered his flirty words threatening a spanking for her use of words he didn’t like; of course, she did it on purpose as he well knew. Later his talk of kissing her pretty toes that never failed to get her attention and the subsequent discussion on the dire consequences if his ministrations did not meet with her approval. Her threat of a sharp hand spanking over her knee to improve his disposition had them throwing innuendo and suggestion back and forth. Deirdre laughed thinking on this and smiled, pleased, over having met such a kindred spirit. They had many things in common including having to work on a public holiday.

A loud annoying ‘ding’ brought her out of her reverie. Her one o’clock appointment was on time. Time for work; she stood, smoothed her skirt, straightened her jacket, and checked her hair before heading for reception.

Deidre greeted the representative who was neatly attired in a suit, his dark hair trimmed and blue eyes clear. She noted his eyes flickered, just for a moment, to her shoes. She wore her favourite strappy black heels that had a tasteful bow over the top of the foot displaying her painted toe nails through the sheer stockings to perfection.

“Deidre Anderson,” she said putting out her hand.

“Karl Wayne,” he said taking her hand for a firm shake.

They frowned at one another a moment as if something here was important, Deidre shook her head and smiled. “This way Karl,” and lead him to the board room.

The meeting went as expected and was over soon enough. The nagging thought that this Karl was her online friend refused to budge from Deidre’s mind. Her online friend was also called Karl, though she referred to him as ‘falcon’ and this man fit some of the things she knew of him. Of course, it was a coincidence but the suspicion remained.

“You know,” Karl started and then cleared his throat, “you seem very familiar to me, as if we have met before.”

“Yes,” Deidre replied slowly, “I was just thinking something similar.”

“You wouldn’t frequent Featherdale Wildlife Park by any chance? It’s a bird’s paradise, thought maybe I had seen you there.”

Deidre stared at him and realised her mouth gaped open, shut it with an audible click and replied weakly. “I can’t say I’ve ever been there. Oh, but I do love birds, very much.”

“Of course, who doesn’t. If I was to make a guess I would say you like watching the smaller birds, of the cooing variety.”


Karl frowned at her choice of words and she burst out laughing.

“Dee Dee, you really are a brat,” Karl said using her nickname, one of her nicknames and her eyes shone with merriment and perhaps a hint of something else.

“Falcon,” she said as she stood.

“Colombe,” he said as he stood and faced her.

Their hands touched and the first two fingers overlapped and clung for a moment. They looked at each other, a short glance that exchanged a million words and feelings. Then the fingers parted and they were themselves once again.

“Who was to go first?” Karl asked.

“You, remember, after all I am the novice and you must set the example.”

“I think that’s topping from the bottom.”

“Well since we both top and bottom I think it makes little difference.”

“Right, one sore bottom coming up then. Over the table; courage little bird.”

Karl brought his palm down smartly on her covered bottom. Smack, smack, smack, a dozen maybe more, at least enough to stop her cheeky tirade.

“This won’t do,” and he hiked her skirt up, takes aim again and delivers just as many hearty blows as hard as he dared.

Her bottom became warm indeed but still this was not how it should be, bare bottom was what they had always discussed.

“Take down your panties young lady.” She immediately complied feeling hot and tingly and not a little aroused.

“It’s as I thought, not just a bad girl but a naughty one as well. Lascivious little bird. Go on wiggle for me.”

Moaning as he rubbed his palm over her heated flesh, she wiggled her bottom hoping he would be naughty too. His fingers dipped a little lower before spanking her again. Six spanks, three hard to each cheek, in quick succession then a slow rub and repeat. He continued this for some time even spanking the tops of her thighs and paying particular attention to her sit spots. Her bottom was getting sore indeed.

“I told you it would be a real spanking, but it appears I only have this belt to continue with.”

“Well, my dear sir, you will have to use it, indeed I shall not stop you, but remember I may not be so lenient when it is my turn.”

“What?” Karl roared with feigned indignation. “Are you threatening me? You are in no position young lady to threaten; indeed, you are in the perfect position to be punished should you do so.”

Deidre giggled at his words, he always made her laugh but soon the belt cracking across her already tender rump stopped her mirth. The belt was wielded well and she thought of nothing but the next stripe, then the exquisite pain that followed. Determined to take as much as she could; it hurt, it hurt like nothing else and she was soon crying out with each stroke but underlying it all was a deep sense of satisfaction.

It was over all too soon and Deidre lay across the table breathing heavily her bottom on fire. Tears pricked her eyes but had not fallen.

“I didn’t want to go too far, it is your first time,” Karl said rubbing his palm soothingly over her red bottom. “I’m not exactly prepared for this, so I don’t have anything to rub you down with. Ice would help if you have some.”

“Not on your life, my dearest Falcon, I have a spanking to deliver,” she said and pushed herself up off the table and gingerly pulled her panties up and pushed her skirt down.

With a flushed face, Deidre seated herself on the nearest chair. She adjusted her position a few times wincing and then pointed to her shoes. Karl wasted no time in getting down on the floor and kissed each of her exposed toes. She squealed as he did this obviously delighted with the attention.

As if to delay the inevitable spanking he had coming, Karl decided to remove her strappy shoes. This meant Deidre had more time to delight in her quite sore bottom, as well as allowing him the pleasure of her pretty toes which she knew he would find satisfying.

Eagerly, she extended a shapely leg and without a trace of her earlier reticence, touched her stocking clad, crimson painted big toe to his lips; silently begging him to kiss them. She felt aroused yet also slightly concerned – after all going from a place where words ruled to an actual physical one was a big step and one they had not prepared for. Being this suggestive and even a little forceful placing what a cruel lover had described as unattractive toes between a pair of warm and welcoming lips was a leap of faith for her. She need not have feared and squealed again as he grinned a massive grin.

“Ask me nicely, DeeDee,” he said.

She continued to rub at his lips and knew this was one of his darkest desires seeing the light of day and hoped he would make the most of it. Karl took hold of the heel and sole, and bending forward kissed away at her dainty foot. She reclined smiling, loving the warm and wet feeling between her toes and secretly enjoying the fact that she had not asked nicely or otherwise.

“I could quite get into having my feet kissed you know,” she said, startling herself with the brazen admission.

Meanwhile, a pair of naughty hands had ventured higher and sneakily pulled down her ‘stay up’ stockings. She looked down to see Karl had the top of her stocking between his lips as he eased it down towards her knee.

“Oooh, you naughty man,” she groaned, by now quite excited, “not content with silky sheer coverings you now want bare toes do you?”

“Well alright,” she continued. “if you want to, you can take my stocking off, but this won’t get you out of the spanking you so richly deserve and desire.”

This was greeted with a husky laugh from Karl who continued pulling the stocking past her calf, towards a shapely ankle, across the sole of her foot, and triumphantly off her toes. Looking down Deidre waggled her foot and raised an expectant eyebrow. She was now very much feeling like the Domina he sometimes referred to her as and he set his warm mouth to her delicate pinkies…

“Enough,” she ordered a short while later, “now over my knee,” and parts her legs so that he can lie over one and she can trap his legs with her other. Once he is well settled she began the spanking trying to put all of the things she had learned into practice. Deidre didn’t hold back she spanked as hard as she could figuring his trousers and underwear afforded some protection. Soon though she wasn’t happy with the arrangement and asked him to remove both.

Back over her knee and she could see his backside was already a little red from her handiwork. Delight shone in her eyes, she hadn’t realised it would be this much fun. She felt decidedly wicked sitting on a very sore and aching bottom whilst she spanked the naked backside of her friend.

“Crimson I think you said,” Deidre stated as she spanked him on the bare. “Yes, I remember now.” Spank, SPAnk, SPANK. “Such a pity we don’t have time for three and out.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “I really do have work to do you know.”

“Crimson it is ma’am. I wish, in no way, to diminish your pleasure.”

“Oh, you naughty man, you are good at this!” So, Deidre spanked all the harder and soon her palm was sore. “Where is that belt?”

“Over by the…”

“Got it! Right, now say please.”


Deidre brought the belt down hard across his sit spots. “Yes, sweety, you will remember me!”

She used the belt carefully having no experience and stopped every four or so to check on the colour, and the heat, as she rubbed her hand over his bottom, was incredible. She soothed his backside for a while and couldn’t help but gently caress other areas that brought a strangled groan from Karl. The flesh marked and angry surprised her but she continued all the same only stopping when he was indeed crimson.

Deidre rubbed his bottom some more before letting him know she was done. Karl slid off her knee, pulled his trousers and underwear back up and sat on his heels to catch his breath. She smoothed the hair off his forehead and he caught her hand and pressed a kiss to her palm. He held her eyes and her palm for a moment then stood and straightened his clothing. There was a slight awkward silence as he arranged his papers and she donned her stocking and tidied the chairs.

“Deidre…” he began and she flung her arms around him and gave him a hug. She smiled as his arms circled her then released him and stepped back.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He bowed. “I have to get back to the office,” he waved the proposal and put it on the table, “let me know if this suits.”

Deidre smiled and nodded.

Karl made to leave and then turned back to her. “Thank you…and I’ll chat with you tomorrow. Now that the ice is well and truly broken perhaps next time we can build up to the spanking with dinner and a movie first.”

“It’s a date,” she smiled and waved him off. Yes, this proposal would work out just fine.


Pins and Needles

“Thank you for coming, Ray,” she said to the man who entered her laboratory; a pleasant looking man with dark hair, kind brown eyes and of average height.

“No problem Doctor Sacher, thanks for choosing me. I hear you had a big response to your request for test subjects,” Ray said as he eyed up the doctor without being too obvious.

“I certainly did, there were over one hundred applicants,” her musical voice rang through the room as she moved about preparing her equipment.

She was a slight woman with dark hair and golden eyes. She wore a lab coat over her clothes and the line of it lead his eyes down to her dark hose clad legs and black patent heels. Flashes of her clothing beneath the lab coat appeared now and again as she moved. A tight, pleated black skirt and pale yellow shirt which should not have been so interesting.

“I had to interview all of them to make sure I had the right one,” she stopped speaking and his eyes flew to her face. She had caught him checking out her legs, and with a raised eyebrow she let him know she was not amused by it.

“This session is to map you completely so I have a computer image of you. Once that is completed we can move onto the next part of the research defining how physical sensations are felt and interpreted. It is important to be as honest as possible. This is a safe space and everything here is confidential. I would like you to trust me completely. Do you remember all we discussed during our previous sessions?”

“Yes, Doctor Sacher, I fully understand and I am completely aware of everything you require here and am willing to help your research in any way I can.”

“Excellent.” She smiled, then looked thoughtful. “Doctor is too formal, so you can call me Ma’am; are you comfortable with that?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. When you are ready you can use the screen set up in the corner to remove your clothes and then come and stand near the table.


Ray followed her instructions and soon stood slightly apart from the table completely nude; slightly embarrassed though he tried not to show it and desperately hoped he wouldn’t get aroused. Dr. Sacher moved around him as she made notes on sheets of paper attached to a clip board.

“This is so I know of how you look before the experiment begins. I wouldn’t want to mistake a normal spread of freckles, for instance, for an allergic reaction,” she explained.

“Oh right, ah Doc… Ma’am, is this going to hurt?” he asked

“Do you want it to?”

“I-I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Yes, you have. You have been thinking about this just as I have,” she looked at him directly and his cock moved. Damn it not now, his mind screamed.

She pulled latex gloves on with a snap. “Hold out your arm.” There lay on the table a series of small needles that had just been removed from their packaging. She took one between finger and thumb and used her other hand to support his arm, then gently inserted the needle into his skin. He watched fascinated as the metal wound into him, a small sting but not pain like he had expected.

“Some of course will be felt a bit more, it all depends on which part we are working, but overall it is a sting not deep pain. The metal has tiny electrodes in them that I can use to map your body; the electrodes themselves won’t hurt at all.” she reassured him.

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Good, then we can begin. Are you ready?”



Twenty minutes later she had his head, arms, back and buttocks covered with evenly spaced needles. She worked on her knees down the backs of his thighs and he wondered why he had ever agreed to this. Her soft hands on his back had been enjoyable; the smooth brush of her palms followed by the delightful sting of the needle. Now as she moved onto his legs he was in agony. What she couldn’t see from her vantage point was that he was erect and with each brush and sting he grew harder still. Once she started on his front he thought he would die from embarrassment or desire, perhaps both but with fifteen minutes gone and no relief in sight things looked grim. Erection overload, was it possible to die from that?

As the last needle went into the back of his heel his heart pounded in his ears; he no longer felt like the man who had walked in the door. He felt like he would happily do whatever she pleased.

“How are you holding up?” Doctor Sacher asked.

“Fine,” he responded automatically.



“Afraid of anything?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Turn and face me,” she said. Yeah, it was like that, he thought and did as she asked.

She inserted the needles into his ankles, the top of his foot and then worked gently towards the knee caps. She stopped, sank back on her heels and looked up at him, that is, as well as she could since her view was now obstructed.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked with one raised brow and as if in answer his cock bobbed slightly.

“Ahh, I can’t seem to…help this,” he stuttered.

“Of course, you can’t, that’s why you were picked. Thirsty?”

He shook his head staring at her wide-eyed; the implications of her words rattled around his brain.


“Not much further to go.” She continued with her work and knew his flesh was now sensitive to the fine needles and her soft hands.

She moved to his stomach and up towards his chest when he began to shake slightly.

“Keep still!” she demanded.

“Sorry, Ma’am, this is a lot more difficult than anticipated and a lot more…intimate.”

She chuckled softly as the needle entered his nipple.

He groaned aloud which turned into a strangled laugh. “You’re a bloody sadist!”

“Sometimes. Now do you want a break before we proceed or shall we thrust onwards?” she asked a devilish glint in her eyes. The groin area was the only place remaining to be ‘pinned’.

“No, no breaks, let’s continue,” he kept his eyes front as he spoke.

“Excellent and I am pleased you remembered to shave – completely – as requested.” She knelt down and had an overwhelming urge to take him in her mouth. No, that wouldn’t do, such a reward was out of the question. She paused, her hand in mid-flight, the needle glinted. “We don’t have to do this you know, I’m sure we can get enough data as is.”

He choked, his chest heaved, was she joking? At a time like this? “I can take it, for the good of your research, Ma’am.”

She suppressed a laugh, of course he wanted her to continue. All of the pre-testing, exams and interviews were just to find a man who would want this.

“As you wish. Just a few more, at most five and then we are ready for the next stage. Now, hold very still.”

She had to touch him to complete each insertion and he thought he might come from that alone. Sliding her hands up and around his penis to get the right angle had him panting and moaning. Then the sting in his scrotum as the skin was pierced there and he gritted his teeth and growled through them though managed to remain still.

“Don’t be such a baby, these are barely in the skin, there’s not even any blood.” Another sting and when he thought he couldn’t take any more she abruptly stood up and looked over him.

“How do you feel?” she asked smoothing his hair off his forehead.

“Like a pin cushion.”

“What else?”

“Alive, every nerve in my body is awake and everything is so…sensitive.”

“Anything else?”

“Aroused, more aroused than I’ve ever been,” he blushed bright red when he said it which she found amusing and he blurted out, “I want you.”

“That’s not part of the research,” she said simply and moved away to get a bottle of water with a straw poking out of it. She put it up to his mouth and he drank and nodded when he was finished.

She went over to her computer and placing the water down had a sip herself from a glass.

“Face me…good…face left, right, your back to me,” she called out the orders and tapped some keys each time. The mapping was in process.

“Face me again, spread your arms out at shoulder height. Palms down. Legs apart.”

He looked at her a little confused. “Like Leonardo,” she explained. He nodded then and positioned himself.

He had thought his erection would subside now that the ‘worst’ was over but her orders seemed to excite him as much as the previous torture. She had him stand in odd and, at times, humiliating positions that he would have to hold whilst she tapped away at her keyboard, a soft yet wicked smile playing about her lips that kept him interested and fervently awaiting her next command.

“All done, you did very well and I’m going to remove the needles along your buttocks and the backs of your legs first so you sit and get more comfortable,” she then proceeded to do just that and soon he was able to seat himself on the table while she removed the remainder in his back.

Something cold was applied to his skin. “Just an alcohol wipe, its soothing to the skin after that little bit of trauma.”

Next, she removed all the needles in his legs, arms, stomach and chest and wiped them over too. Though in his opinion she took a little longer on his chest and stomach than was necessary and he couldn’t believe he was still hard. He looked down at himself, then at her, then away.

“Not still embarrassed, are you?” she asked gently. “After all we’ve been through today?”

She removed the last of the needles her eyes moving from where her hands worked back to his face watching his reaction. She smiled and applied the alcohol wipe but he had had all he was able to take. He gripped her hips and pulled her in to him for a kiss.

“Just a kiss,” he whispered desperately.

“Take your hands off me now, Ray, or you will be in more trouble than you can imagine,” she responded calmly. He dropped his hands and sat staring at her with a tortured look in his eyes. She considered him for a long moment.

“Alright then just a kiss, on your knees,” she smiled as he obediently got off the table and sank to his knees looking up at her. She pulled her tight skirt up her thighs exposing a neatly shaved pussy, no panties, and his mouth watered.

“Promise me you’ll be back for further sessions and I’ll let you kiss me,” she purred.

He nodded his head in affirmation before she had finished the sentence. She bent down and put a finger under his chin so he looked in her eyes. “Say it!” she ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am, I promise to come back for…whatever you want,” he sputtered out.

“Kiss me here,” she said as she pointed to her nether lips, “once only.”

He leaned in and kissed her smelling her feminine scent and his hand moved to his cock automatically. The need to come made him dizzy. His tongue snaked out so she immediately moved back and pushed her skirt back into place.

“What a good idea,” she said looking where his hand was, “you can masturbate for me before you go. Just make sure you don’t get any come on my floor or shoes or you will be licking it up.”

Her words spurred him on and with just a few strokes he came in great spurts that ripped groans from his throat.

“Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you,” he said in gasps his head bowed.

“Good boy, you can get dressed and leave now.”

She had completed her mapping and his obedience and reactions far exceeded her expectation; Ray deserved his reward. She looked forward to the next sessions and what they might learn together.