Barely Touched – FFF

BillConstruction worker

I run my tongue up his bare torso, tasting the sweat, teasing his nipples.  My hands follow, his heart races beneath my touch.  He wastes no time spinning me around and tears open my blouse roughly cupping my naked breasts.  Pushing me forward he yanks up my skirt and slaps my exposed bottom.  Soaked panties pushed aside as he drives into me giving me sweet relief…

“Stop ogling those workmen and get back to work girl!” the office manager growls, breaking my reverie. I scurry back to my cubicle with a secret smile on my lips.


Submission for Flash Fiction Friday, no longer hosted.


The River – FFF


The only place to cross the river was upstream, near the waterfall.  Beware the ferryman, they joked.

To my surprise a woman was there, with sweet turquoise eyes and golden hair cascading around her soft naked hips.

“You may not pass here,” she stated.

“I must,” I replied.

“There is a price.”

“I will pay.”

“Kiss me.”

I did as she bid, her passion intoxicating.  With lips and tongue she aroused me unbearably and as I sank into her I realised too late her price.  There would be no crossing now or ever.


Submission for Flash Fiction Friday, no longer hosted.

The Trials of Spring


It was the first day of spring and she’d had enough of being indoors.  The weather had finally turned and she decided upon a stroll about her garden.  Everything was in bloom and it made her heart sing to smell the delicate fragrance of honeysuckle and see the bees flitting from flower to flower.

The beauty of the surrounds made it all the more distressing when she happened upon her gardener on his knees, weeding the flower beds, completely nude.

“What do you think you’re doing?”  she asked, her voice rising more than she meant to.

The wretched man didn’t bat an eyelid, just stood up, turned to face her and grinned.

“Oh, just finishing the weeding.  Hoped to have it all done before you ventured outdoors.  But, well, here you are.”

“Yes, here I am.  You have nothing on you know,” she blurted out.

“I’m aware of that.  Is that a problem?”

“Yes, actually, it is.”

“Why? It was clearly stated in my contract.”

“Your what?” she asked incredulously.

“My contract, it’s a document that sets out the…”

“I know what a contract is,” she snapped, pushing her spectacles back to the bridge of her nose.

“Well mine states I will garden nude.  It’s not my problem if you didn’t read it properly,” he said with a decisive nod.

It was about this time that she noticed a decidedly mischievous twinkle in the man’s eye and took a different tack.

“A contract you say.  Hmmm, I have standing terms and conditions for any contractors that work on my estate, would you like to hear them?”

“I suppose they only apply to nude gardeners.”

“But of course,” she smirked.

“Why don’t I tell you what your terms and conditions are?”

She thought about that for a moment and nodded for him to continue, wondering just where it might go.


“I would think they include some sort of punishment,” says the man and then looks around. “You might make him bend over that bird bath there and give him twenty good strokes with that pretty leather belt you’re wearing.”


She looked down at the belt and then back at him as a slow smile spread across her face.  “Well done, I see you did read them.  Best get comfy then.”

She had him lie across the bird bath, undid her belt and drew it through the loops.  Placing a hand on his back to steady him she raised her right arm and let fly with the belt.  As it cracked across both cheeks she said, “next time, I hope you remember to bring your clothes.”

“Next time, I hope you remember to bring your paddle,” was his reply which caused him to get quite a few more than twenty good strokes.

So, it came to pass that the Lady and the Gardener found an enjoyable way to celebrate the first day of spring.

Switched with Delight

“…forty, ahhh, forty-one,” she yelped, breathing hard.

“There, a birthday spanking you won’t soon forget. Was it all that you hoped for?” he asked as he rubbed the soothing cream into her burning bottom.

“More than, thank you,” she sighed dreamily still floating somewhere near the ceiling.

“You did very well, I did do it quite hard and thought you might give out around thirty. But no, my brave girl took them all.”

“Yes, and soon your brave girl is going to have some fun of her own.”

“But you are the birthday girl and…”

“And as such can decide whether she wants to spank next or be spanked. I choose to spank,” she turned her head and gave him a delighted and slightly evil grin.

“You want a cup of tea then, or something?” he hedged.

“Nope, just you, my knee, face down. Nowish.”

“A foot massage?”

“Nope,” she said again patting her knee, “I will take it easy…to start.”

He snorted with laughter, then sighed and got into position.

“Over the jeans? Well since I think my hand will be about as effective as swatting a fly with a toothpick I am forced to start with something a little sturdier. How about Larry the leather paddle?”

“Can you not give them male names when you use them on me.”

She rolls her eyes. “Okay Lucy the leather paddle,” and finishes by bringing it down hard on his backside.


“Got your attention, did it? No more back-chat my boy or things will get worse for you.”

She hears him laughing.

“Are you laughing at me?” And before he is able to answer starts whacking away with glee and abandon. “You will be laughing on the other side of your face when you feel this on the bare.”

“No doubt,” he replied as more laughter spilled out.

“All right get those jeans off now. Let’s see if I can get make you sing a real happy birthday to me.”

“This was supposed to be your spanking remember.”

“Indeed, and it is my spanking…my spanking of you and I can’t remember enjoying my birthday more. We’ll have tea and cake to celebrate later…much later.”

Holding him in place she started on the first of what would be much more than forty swats.


Fair Trade

Mary entered the house and deposited her keys on the sideboard. She ran her hands through her hair; it had been a difficult day.

“How are you?” Nigel asked.

She turned to look at him. He was a lovely sight, casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with worry in his eyes.

“I’m fine,” Mary said beginning to shrug out of her jacket. Nigel stepped behind her and took off the jacket and hung it up for her.

“I should have been with you,” he said.

“It all happened so quickly. One minute I am getting a regular check-up, the next minute the doctor has made the appointment with the specialist. I had less than twenty minutes to get across town.”

“I was in a meeting, I didn’t get the message until I came out. Grilled my PA something terrible for not disturbing me.”

Mary smiled up at him. “Then you will have to apologise to her tomorrow. There’s no excuse for bad manners and she can’t read your mind.”

Nigel blushed, grabbed Mary to him and just held her close. “I should have been with you.”

“Shhh, it’s okay, we are fine, everything will be fine,” Mary reassured him.

Nigel led Mary to the lounge where he had a glass of wine waiting for her. She made herself comfortable and sat back to sip her wine. Nigel sat at her feet, removed her shoes and began massaging her feet. With a deep sigh of satisfaction Mary settled comfortably and watched him work.

“We will get the results Monday, but the doctor was very positive after all the tests were completed,” Mary explained.

“Were the tests painful?” Nigel asked.

“No, the ultrasound wasn’t and I was under anaesthetic for the biopsy so I didn’t feel anything. The mammogram was interesting, not painful exactly but uncomfortable for a moment. Imagine having your balls squeezed in a vice and it might give you some idea.”

He blushed to the roots of his hair and she let out a peal of laughter. Bending forward she caught his chin and forced his gaze up to hers. “You like the sound of that.”

“Maybe,” Nigel admitted.

“It wasn’t a question, my love.”

“No, but I am here for your pleasure, whatever that may entail.”

“Of course, and I shall do as I please, but you don’t think that would be a little unfair?”

“I didn’t sign up for fair…Ma’am.”

Mary smiled her wicked smile and moved from the couch to straddle him pushing him to the floor in the process. She leant down and kissed him tasting his lips and tongue.

“Take your T-shirt off,” Mary ordered as she stood, unbuttoned and removed her blouse. The panties were off next and she dropped them on his face. She seated herself on his chest as she rubbed the crotch of her panties over his face, he groaned and she threw them aside. Taking hold of his sensitive nipples she pinched them both hard.

“Oh, what’s the matter? prefer a taste of the real thing?”

“Yes,” he strangled out.

“Not just yet, some rules for the night. If you can bring me to orgasm five times using only your mouth and hands I might, that is might, not will, allow you to come. If you don’t manage five, then you will find out exactly what it feels like to have your balls crushed.”

“Five it is Ma’am.”

Mary stood while Nigel removed her clothes. She re-seated herself on the couch and took up her wine. She knew how she looked; imperious and womanly, and as Nigel knelt between her legs and ran his hands from her feet to her thighs he glanced up at her.

“You couldn’t do anything for me today but there is plenty you can do for me now. Just remember one thing,” she said.


“I love you.”

Nigel set to work to show her with actions how much he loved her in return.


Behind The Veil: Part 1

Matheus sat at a small table two rows back from the stage, a straight whisky in front of him, the exhaled smoke from his cigarette spiralling up into the air adding to the already thick atmosphere around the room. The place was dingy, some might say sleazy, but with the lights low things didn’t look so bad, besides he liked the show here it was a little different from other places.

Blue lights came on at the rear of the stage projecting onto a screen and then the ‘performers’ took their places. A woman, obvious by her curves and rounded hips, kneeling her hands over her head pressed to the screen. Naked. Waiting. A man standing behind her, straight from shoulder to hip, also naked, a small whip in his hand. All of this seen in silhouette through the screen with the eerie light illuminating the frozen scene. The entire club is silent, mesmerised, waiting for the play to begin.

The man raises the arm holding the whip, the muscles tensing with the action and brings it down across the waiting woman. A soft cry, a gasp, is heard from her and the patrons release their collectively held breath as if in sympathy. The man sets a steady pace as he continues to whip the woman. Her gasps become moans and then cries as her hands grasp the screen, her head thrashes as each stroke is laid on her skin yet somehow, she remains kneeling and takes all the man wishes to give her. The crowd gently coaxes him on with barely audible, ‘yes’, ‘give her more’ and ‘harder’ uttered aloud from various parts of the room.

Too soon the whipping was over and the man took position behind the woman taking her on stage in full view of the crowd who were now openly enjoying the silhouetted scene. Matheus finished his drink and headed for the door, this part didn’t much interest him, he knew well enough how to fuck a woman, it was the whipping he had come to see.

Once outside he breathed in the fresh cool night air and wondered again, for the thousandth time, why the hell he was here. Two or three times a week he came to this club and still the images flared up after the show and he would be back again. What makes an ordinary, successful, well-adjusted man desire something like this? He didn’t know, couldn’t figure any of it out and wondered if he ever would, but just watching this show wasn’t ever going to be enough.


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Sunday Afternoon

Him: Go and get me a beer, love.

Her: Are your legs painted on? Why can’t you get it yourself?

Him: I thought you wanted me to tell you what to do.

Her: I do.

Him: So, get me a beer.

Her: [she sighs] That’s not exactly what I had in mind.

Him: What did you have in mind.

Her: Well, you might be more dominant with me.

Him: Yeah, so asking you to get me a beer isn’t considered being dominant then?

Her: No!

Him: What about making you take out the trash?

Her: No!

Him: Washing my car?

Her: No!

Him: Mowing the lawns?

Her: No!

Him: You’re not giving me a lot to work with here babe.

Her: [she gives him ‘the look’] I was thinking more in a… you know…sexual way.

Him: [he thinks] How about…undo your blouse and show me your breasts.

Her: Yes, that sort of thing.

Him: So, do it.

Her: [she unbuttons her blouse and shows him her breasts, then covers them again] There!

Him: Very nice, but I didn’t tell you to cover them. Take off the blouse and bra and give them to me.

Her: [she removes the blouse and bra and hands them to him] Happy?

Him: Very. Now take off your skirt and panties and give them to me too.

Her: [she hesitates a moment then removes her skirt and panties and hands them to him as well] This is not as easy as I thought.

Him: It’s easy from where I sit. Speaking of which, come and sit on my lap.

Her: [she goes and sits on his knee] That okay?

Him: Mmhmm. Actually no, how about you lie over my lap instead.

Her: [she moves to lie over his lap] Better?

Him: Oh yeah. [he rubs his hand over her bottom and in between her legs] This will work just fine.

Her: Ooh, I didn’t expect you to…

Him: [he smacks his palm down on her bottom] Didn’t expect what? [he begins spanking her bottom vigorously]

Her: You to do that…oh…ow…ah…ow…that hurts.

Him: [he stops smacking her] It’s supposed to isn’t it? Besides I want to do this, so I will. [begins spanking her vigorously again]

Her: Ohhhh… [a sob escapes her lips]

Him: Tell me how it feels.

Her: It hurts, a lot, but it is nice too.

Him: [starts spanking harder] How about now? Still nice?

Her: Oooh, that really hurts. Oh, honey, you might have to stop.

Him: Not just yet, I’m not done. [he spanks harder still but this time slowly and rubbing his hand between her legs in between each spank] You are enjoying this, you’re quite wet down here.

Her: It hurts though.

Him: Ahh, yeah, I got something that hurts too. How about you swing around and get more comfortable.

Her: [she unzips his pants and soon sinks down on his erection, panting] Oh, honey, I don’t remember being this aroused before.

Him: You’re so damn wet baby, don’t think I’m going to be able to last long though.

Her: I don’t mind, I’m coming now. [she throws her head back and grips his shoulders]

Him: Me too. [he holds her to him, gripping her waist]

[They both shudder and cry out.]

Her: That was amazing.

Him: Yes, it was, maybe this dominating thing is worth a go.

Her: So far so good. [she smiles]

Him: [he smiles] Will you get me a beer now.

Her: [she gives him ‘the look’ again] You’re pushing your luck.

Him: [laughing] Thought I’d give it another try.