Australian Adventures: Nature Lover

Vlad pulled the jeep up alongside the sign that read Cootamundra Billabong.  Finally, time to stretch the legs. The deep red earth stretched out as far as the eye could see sprinkled liberally with scrubby brush. Up ahead large rocks hindered the view of the small body of water now cut off from the main waterway, but still refreshing enough on a hot day. The place looked untouched apart from the little sign and makeshift car park, though it was doubtful anyone had been there in years. The day was hot, the flies buzzed and the red earth left you in little doubt you were in Australia in the middle of nowhere.

Leaving Vlad to unload and rounding the ragged rocks Mina runs to the billabong. Small trees dotted here and there, their roots supping up what moisture they found. A mid-day skinny dip, perfect; with clothes discarded she was soon immersed in the cool water.

Vlad headed for the shaded area putting down the box of goodies brought from the car and finding the discarded clothes he takes them back to the jeep, so they are out of the way.

“Not interested in coming in for a little slip n slide?” Mina enquired.

“No, but when you come out I have something fun in mind,” replied Vlad.

“Fun for who I wonder.” Mina laughed, exiting the water completely naked and dripping wet.

“Hey, where are my clothes?”

“Time to go native.”

“I’ll burn in this sun.”

“Then come sit here.” Vlad patted the ground next to him, in the shade.

Mina feeling bold ran her hands down her body as Vlad watched showing nothing but amusement, she cupped her breasts as if to offer them for a bite. Giggling her hands travelled further south and delved between her already slick folds inserting a finger as she played. Mina removed the glistening finger and stuck it in her mouth sucking off the juices.

“Only bad girls play with themselves without being given permission. I was wondering when you would give me an opening for punishment.” Vlad smiled.

Mina’s grin slipped off her face now realising what sort of ‘fun’ he was after.

“Add that to all the bratting of the last two days and you are asking for a sore backside indeed. Bratting means swatting, assume the position.”

Without hesitation Mina was on her knees in the red earth, positioned over Vlad’s knee, legs spread wide, bottom high. Vlad revealed the leather paddle he had brought which had been hiding in the box of goodies. With hardly a warm up Vlad started on Mina’s bottom and before long a rosy hue appeared. She was taking it very well and though there were cries and pleas and the paddle rose and fell again and again, Mina did not move position. With a stinging bottom, Mina soon became aroused and wanted more.

“Well done, darling Mina, now show me how grateful you are, kneel up.”

Mina knelt up her bottom welted and bruised, tears on her lashes, Vlad stood as she undid his belt and unzipped. Semi-hard she had work to do.

“No hands,” Vlad ordered and grabbing a fistful of Mina’s long hair made sure she didn’t miss an inch. Tongue swirling, lips sucking, Vlad soon found himself eagerly thrusting into Mina’s wet and willing mouth. Looking up as she took Vlad’s cock fully into her mouth she heard him groan and before long he shot down her throat. Satisfied, for the moment, Vlad let her go but did not reciprocate, though he knew she was more than ready.

“No, naughty girls don’t get to come so soon.”

Mina didn’t respond, figuring that calling him a bastard at this point might make things worse.

“Time for some painting. Stand in front of that rock,” he pointed.

Mina obeyed and Vlad tied her wrist together and then strung them up to an outcropping overhead. Tent pegs secured her legs apart.

Vlad produced various paintbrushes and water-based paints. Starting at Mina’s feet he began a trailing pattern of a plant stem, winding its way around her legs; over the ankle continued behind the calf to come around the front and over the knee, around to the back of the thigh then back to the front up and over the crease of the leg. Leaves trailing over the hips, then the other leg in a similar pattern.

Mina was already getting uncomfortable. A deeper green next; large leaves spreading out from her shaved mound. The next colour a deep pink; a delicate orchard painted over her mound; inner lips and clitoris tickled with the brush.

“Stop it!” Mina panted. “You said I wasn’t to come.”

“Then don’t.”

A larger brush, inverted, inserted into the orchid, Mina gasping, Vlad laughing. “Still life, my lover, keep still or more smacks. You’re orchid, it seems, is weeping.”

Mina held herself still as the brush began on her body again. The tendrils flowing higher, over the belly, leaves as of ivy climbing now up the sides of her breasts and across her shoulders.

Vlad decides her ‘flowers’ would be Gerberas; bright pink with a deep red centre and began painting each petal starting at the edges of Mina’s breast and working in. The maddening strokes of the brush on her breast had Mina moaning in minutes. Soon the brush was on her nipple and Vlad slowed the brush strokes down as he made exact designs back and forth. The nipple hardened changing the composition and Mina was panting from the constant brushing on the exquisitely sensitive area. A few twisty pinches and more work with the brush to get just the right depth of shading. One breast completed.

“I can’t take this.”

“You can, you will.”

Her orchid was weeping indeed. As Vlad started on the other breast Mina squeezed her eyes shut trying to block out the feelings. It was not to be as her other breast blossomed to life under the onslaught of the brush; the feel of it back and forth, her sensitive flesh screaming in ecstasy. Finally, the last stroke was applied and Vlad stood back to admire his artwork.

“Delightful, some photos I think.” Producing a digital camera Vlad begins happily snapping away. “Perhaps I should leave you overnight; a natural attraction; see if the bees are fooled.”

Mina knew better than to say anything, he just might do such a thing.

Trembling with desire and the threatening orgasm, Mina whimpered as Vlad approached once he had placed the camera back with the other goodies. Vlad began to lick the paint off her, starting at her nipples. Mina hadn’t realised it was edible paint and felt faint as his mouth licked and bit her.

“Please sir, please, may I come.”


Vlad continued his work, his mouth following the tendrils back down until he could dip his tongue into the now soaked orchid. Mina screamed but did not come, knowing Vlad would deny her an orgasm for days if she disobeyed. Mina shook her head from side to side with each pass of his tongue, a light sheen on her skin from the exertion, and whispered over and over one word.


Vlad cut her bonds and bade her lie over an old tree stump that lay near the billabong. Mina obeyed instantly and Vlad knew she was at the point where he could do almost anything he pleased to her; he had to be careful as seeing her mad with desire for pleasure and pain fired him as nothing else could. Mina now in position her stomach on the log, forearms and breasts pressed to the ground, knees spread wide; waiting desperately for release.

The first stroke of the cane sent fire and lust spirally through Mina. Where had he hidden that?

“Yesss,” she panted out.

Again, Vlad struck her bottom with the cane a second welt, how he loved the look of her backside all colours of the rainbow.


The third strike and the third stripe appeared livid and beautiful.


Vlad delivered two close together to the top of her thighs, Mina moaned her passion into the red earth and it flowed around them echoing off the rocks.

“Sir…” was all she got out.

Vlad was on her instantly, pushing long fingers into her soaked entrance, “Come!” he ordered as he simultaneously brought the cane that was actually a eucalyptus tree branch down on her sit spots as hard as he dared. Mina screamed her passion into the Australian outback as the orgasm overtook her so that had it been heard from afar someone might have thought she screamed “COOEE.”