About Mina


Welcome to Wilhelmina Dreams,

After some hiatus I have begun writing again.  This is the reason I never took this blog down to begin with as I always hoped to return.  I have updated the blog overall and removed some things I no longer wanted here.

I am a woman who loves variety so you will find many different types of stories here including, romance, erotica, kink and whatever else takes my fancy because I’m greedy that way.  Not all the kink stories will have the traditional M/f flavour because naughty boys deserve a spanking too   I don’t expect everyone to like all that I write but hopefully you will find a little something that works for you.

I hope you enjoy reading what you find here as much as I enjoy writing it and feel free to leave a comment or just say hi.

I am in the process of reorganising all of the links as many were out of date so that area will slowly expand over time.

Warmest Regards



36 thoughts on “About Mina

  1. Hi Mina,

    nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by.

    Kirsten has found my new blog, thanks for passing it on to her, but she’s not leaving a link with her comments so I can only reply via the blog.

    Can you pass on my email – recidavist@googlemail.com in case she would like to stay in touch via that insted of through the blog.




  2. Hello R

    No problem, I shall pass it on though I think she pops on regularly so she may see this message herself.

    A pleasure to meet you too.



  3. Up early to begin the return to England, and thinking of you my dovely dovely Australian friend who I have so heartlessly abandoned in recent weeks.

    This is for you…and yes I do understand every word of it. I sang this a few nights ago and I began to think of you, and how this song is just what you need.


    (And I began to cry.)

    Bi trocaireach linn a Thiarna agus beannaigh sinn, anam cara!


    (End a kuss un kiwi so yu’ll inder-stend ut.)


    Kiwi Lady, Speaking Eireann


  4. Krivens. Ladies Seem Enthusiastic.

    Its all a Falcon thing Dovely. Ware the Falcon 🙂

    As for Kirsten, is she about to mention the wallpaper, interior design or her shoe collection?

    Like to watch? Active participation is better! It is nice to see you two back and fencing.



  5. Fencing?

    As in rapiers and foils…or in dealing in “they fell off the back of a lorry gov, ‘onest!”

    En garde!

    (Hawks and quiches to all.)


  6. No need for an epee fit, KLSE

    Too late, too late, will be the cry when the man with the bargains has passed you by!

    Give me slings and arrows. Well, only applied judiciously!

    Vas t’en

    Love to all


  7. My most dearest Wilhelmina,

    You have made some changes here darlingest one, (see I did notice!), I am happy that you are happy even in the midst of change. As writers together allow me to share with you this wisdom: there is no tesimony without the test.

    Keep the faith dear Mina: thankyou that you are not keeping it to yourself.

    Oh, a spanker now are you, but your knee is only for “that special man”? Boo hoo, and on behalf of all your girl friends I say it again: boo HOO. (Boo who? Boo her!)

    (BTW on the F/M band and regarding the first answer to this entry, go over and see what Recidavist has written about me now!)

    I’m not sure about all the bird references, but I’m sure the falcons, doves, and hawks have much to fear when the Bombers fly up…even if we’re not scared of cats any more.

    Slainte mo gradh,

    Kwietly Leaving School Early.


  8. Kirstie, indeed I have, you have a keen eye I see. I do find writing this out does help somewhat though lately been a bit busy and tired but will move ever on.

    I think I could extend my knee, so to speak, to any deserving girlie friends who might need a spank or two.

    Oh crikey! AwFuL talk off season, what ever will be next…grins.



  9. Dia dhuit,

    1000w grin…sorry about the AFL-waffle, but we are a happy team at HAWTHORN after all. (We are completely delirious…did that actually happen? Yep.)

    (Why do cats drink out of saucers…COS THE HAWKS HAVE THE CUP!!!!!!!!)

    I love your new banner, it’s very Christmassy and much better suited to cold Harpenden than hot Melbourne…may your chest nuts not be roasted too harshly: especially if that sculpture is of you. (Slip slop slap my dear…it can be as fun as it sounds.)

    Now, about that knee and your deserving girlie friends: I believe someone was booing you earlier…

    KLSE x


  10. KLSE, the chaps who sit near me at work are already banging on about AFL and the season hasn’t started yet. I have already forgotten to slip, slip, slap and got burnt yesterday, my fair skin is lobster like but my bottom is far too white!

    Now darling if you would like to pop yourself over here I will make sure your bottom is roasted for Christmas. Grins.



  11. Heya Mina,

    Sorry about the long email to WDC, I’ve lost your other e-ddresses!

    Happy Easter to you, (if Easter can be happy, which I think it can). I hope all is well with you and yours; it’s good to see via the News that there’s footy on your local oval once again.

    And I hope NZ is/was good for you: Kiwi Lady Sailing Eastward tells me she has been in “Dorkland” recently. Anywhere must be better than England right now.




  12. Damo, haven’t been on WDC in a very long time, even scaled back to a ‘free’ membership! Will go and check out emails.

    All is well, and as to the footy I couldn’t figure out why all the Melbournians were getting so excited over the ‘beginning’ of footy season when it had already been on for two months. NAB cup apparently but footy is footy is footy to me.

    KLSE in Dorkland!! Crikey, will we never be safe…ermm, she is in trouble for missing on the meet and greet. I would have bought a bilby you know!

    Janice, Ha! Good one, and I don’t buy it for a second. Grins.

    Hugs to both and a chocolaty one for KLSE.


  13. If you are in ‘Dorkland’ (good one Damo) during the week say between 8am to 4pm in the future, well then, just sing out!

    I’ve been missing lots of things lately, hoping to recitfy that situation.




  14. Hi Mina
    I am the manager of The Love Shop in Darwin NT Australia. I would like to ask if my website would be able to go onto your Adult Forums and Services section. Sorry to ask here but i couldn’t find your email address. Mine is blake@theloveshop.com i would love to answer any questions you have and would be more than happy to contribute to the content on your site, helping with research or any information regarding the adult industry and its products.
    My domain is nearly 8yrs old and has a high trust, I mainly sell adult toys and novelties but also have adult articles and an adult directory on that domain.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,


  15. Hi Mina,
    Enjoyed the story on the home page of your site – really dragged me in, till you had go back to work. I would like to as kif you would a site to the site bar of your site? the site is http://www.Dvice.com.au – which has a large range of high quality “fun adult” toys. It you need to contact me – you can get me directly


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