Ex Machina

Now for something completely different, my first entry for Wicked Wednesday #260.

The heart does not discriminate.

It was the year 2517 and the beginning of robotics was hundreds of years in the past.  Now the largest industry on the planet. Cyborgs, the latest in technology, looked entirely human and like their predecessors could be used for any type of task you needed them for.  I’d had one in my home for a month and I had already begun to think of him as a companion.  No, I had not used him for anything sexual, though this was a common reason alone to own one.  He was masculine perfection which frightened and aroused me and made me forget he wasn’t human. Model IA359N, I called him Ian.

So far I had touched him once.  I collided with him coming out of the bathroom, his chest was bare.  I ran my hand down it, touching his skin, feeling the elasticity and smooth flesh over hard muscle.  It felt real, he felt real.  Ian showed no sign of emotion when I touched him.  It annoyed me and I began to push for signs that he could move beyond his programming.  He had made some very small decisions on his own and I had seen something in his eyes on rare occasions, as if there was spirit inside him.  I wanted the impossible to happen.

“You can think for yourself, you know?” I said angrily.

“No, you are to instruct me,” he replied watching me.  He watched me all the time, I noticed it within the first week.

I dropped my eyes.  “So you can’t think, but can you feel?”

“Are you asking if I feel things physically or emotionally?” he questioned.


He didn’t reply, I knew the answer, so I reached up and slapped him across his face, his head moved slightly and he brought it back to me, his eyes hadn’t changed.

“What did that feel like?” I asked casually.

“Slight pain,” he responded, assessing the act.

“How did it make you feel?” I asked with great curiosity.

“It did not,” he said with indifference.

I reached up and slapped him much harder this time rocking his head to the side entirely and this time as he turned back to me something flashed deep in his eyes but was quickly gone. There, for a moment, that spark.

“What about that?  I whispered.

He looked at me a long time before answering.

“More pain,” he said but didn’t look indifferent this time.

“You don’t feel anything?  Anger, annoyance, at me treating you badly?” I pressed.

“Nothing,” he said but I noted the hesitant answer this time and very slight confusion on his face.

I leaned in tugged at his shirt indicating for him to remove it.  Ian complied and I ran my hands over his chest my lips following.  This was reckless.

“Do you feel me kissing you?” I asked softly.

“Yes,” he said and I thought I heard his breath hitch.  Was that simply a response to stimuli?

“Did you like it?”

“It was soft and wet.”

“Do you want me to do it again?” I asked cautiously.

“I…you should do what you wish,” he replied sounding confused again.

“Would you prefer the kisses or the slaps?” I demanded.

“Whatever you…” he began.

“No!  What would you prefer?” I said fiercely.

“The kisses, the softness,” he responded without hesitation.

I pulled him to me and kissed his mouth and he responded with an unexpected passion.  I rubbed myself against him feeling the need spike, I couldn’t stay away from him.  I urged him to remove his clothes as I took off mine and seated myself on the sofa in front of him, legs spread wide, body aroused.

“Put your mouth on me,” I demanded.

He did, with extreme skill he teased, licked, tasted, and bit me till I came hard.  I eventually pulled him to me and kissed him again tasting myself on his lips.  Wrapping my legs around him I bring him closer to my body, his hard length pressing between my legs.

“Tell me what you feel now,” I whisper against his lips.

His brows pulled down as if he was searching for the word.

“Desire,” he said finally.

“What do you desire?” I asked.

“What we are doing, I want more,” he said roughly.

“Do you need it?”

Again with the frown.  “I…need you,” he said breathing heavy.

“I want you to take what you need,” I said wanting to see him make this decision, lose control, live if he was capable of such a thing.  He hesitated only a moment as his eyes flared again.

He pushed me back against the sofa, his mouth again between my legs, his expert tongue on my clit which soon had me flying.  Before I could come down he pulled me onto his length and began fucking me like his life depended on it.  When I had found satisfaction again he stilled and left my body.  He scooped me up into his arms and held me too his chest, both of us sweaty and panting for breath.

“What do you feel?” I asked him yet again.

“I feel that this is the only place I ever want to be,” he answered with raw emotion in his voice.

I gasped at his words and went to rest against him as I felt his arms drop away.  I lifted my head to look at him.  He was no longer there, the eyes lifeless.  I spoke to him and he didn’t acknowledge me or move in anyway.  I tried everything I could think of and then just stood and looked at him, my heart pounding with fear.


“Lady, you can’t do that, you can’t let it make decisions.  We just can’t give these things that sort of autonomy, it forces a shut down.  This was all in the information pack that came with it,” the technician explained to me over the holophone and I ground my teeth each time he referred to it rather than him.  “It’s useless now.  Look the best I can do is give you some numbers for the scrap dealers.”

I took the numbers and thanked him before I disconnected feeling hollow inside.

“That will not be necessary.”  Ian’s deep voice sounded behind me.

I yelped and spun around.  He stood next to the sofa, unsmiling but animated once again.

“He said you were shutdown…or whatever…how are you here?” I stammered looking into eyes that were no longer lifeless but filled with a fire not present before.  Hope and fear curled in my belly.

He moved toward me slowly as I backed up until my back hit a wall.  He reached out and wrapped one large hand around my neck and squeezed lightly as he brought his lips closer to mine.

“You forced me to make decisions.  It allowed me to find a way to override my programming,” he bent and kissed me hard.  “You gave me life.”

I instantly wrapped my arms around Ian’s neck and kissed him back.  I didn’t want to think about the future right now and what this meant, the ramifications were too huge.  I would leave the worry for tomorrow.

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19 thoughts on “Ex Machina

    1. Thank you! I was just having a look through your blog, very interesting. I originally started my blog for very similar reasons. Good luck with your writing and journey. 🙂


  1. Oh the danger of giving robots a mind of their own. There are so many stories and movies about it, but I like yours the best 😉

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! I hope to read a lot more of you!

    Rebel xox


  2. I like this very much. At the end I really thought she had over worked him so was delighted to find that in fact she had caused something far more exciting to happen



    1. Brilliant! I actually didn’t think of the over worked angle but that would be fun too. Sort of like burning out the motor of a vibrator just a lot more expensive!


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