The New Partner – Fin

the new partner

The weekend was relaxing and arousing.  Troy introduced me to a number of his favourite spanking implements showing me how delightfully they could be applied to my body and how well he knew how to use them.  This clearly wasn’t something he was new to but something that was deeply part of him.  He showed me a lot; the sting of the paddle, the singular precision of the crop, the delicious softness then intensity of the flogger of which he had a few, some with bite and some that could be wielded almost as if giving a massage.

Through all of this I knew he held back, was easing me into it, testing to see what I liked and what I didn’t, how far he could push me and what was completely off the table no matter what. We spent time discussing consent and the safe word, at which point I decided to stay with red but added yellow in case I needed him to back off but not stop completely.  We had done nothing intense enough to require either but the revelation of how much control I had was interesting.  Whilst the intent was to give power of myself over to him, the initial dynamic was through me consenting and I also had the power to stop it at any time.  It was a heady mix of give and take unlike anything else.

I realised I wanted it, craved it, couldn’t wait till he restrained me and did exactly as he pleased to me.  I had never wanted to give myself so completely to any man before this and realised I simply had never trusted anyone enough to do so.  I remember years ago a girlfriend confiding in me that her boyfriend had tied her up, blindfolded her then spanked and fucked her. I was a little horrified and a lot aroused but I never told her that.  I masturbated every night for a week after that thinking about what she said and how that might feel.  I never asked anyone to do anything similar or for that matter ever felt any of the men I dated even wanted to. With Troy, I could experience all that I wanted to and knew he wouldn’t judge me for what I asked of him and more over would enjoy himself as well.

Troy’s kink was simple, he liked to be in control and loved having a woman choose to submit to him.  He would spank for any reason or no reason, discipline, stress management or simple arousal, he enjoyed it all with a special love for impact play. I also knew he wanted it in the context of a relationship and I hoped what we did was enough to satisfy him as much as it was satisfying me.

By Sunday afternoon I knew one of my favourite things, apart from his delicious big hand, was his belt.  The thrill I felt as he had me kneel on the bed my chest to the mattress, my ass high in the air, hearing him unbuckle his belt and draw the leather through the loops of his jeans.  He wore nothing but those jeans and had already given me a sound hand spanking so my butt was nicely warmed up and pink all over. Troy doubled the belt over in his hand before taking my left hand and placing it in the small of my back, his fingers linking with mine.  It felt so intimate and I felt cared for even though I knew what he was about to do would hurt.  My pussy was already wet, hot and needy as he brought the leather down across my bottom.

“Good girl, you’re learning to take this so well,” he said, the praise making me smile as I turned my head towards him my cheek on the bed.

He strapped me again and I gasped, it stung no doubt about it, but he let each one sink in before giving me the next.

“You’re so brave giving yourself to me like this.  I’m so proud of you for taking what you need. How did I get so lucky?”

Each sentence punctuated by more slaps from the belt.  My ass was on fire and I never wanted it to end, it was heavenly, arousing and hurt all at the same time.  How did pain add an extra addictive bite to pleasure?  I will never know, and didn’t care.

“You’re bringing so many of my fantasies to life,” I breathed sharply as he strapped me again, “I only hope I am for you too.”

“Zarah, raise yourself up on your hands now,” Troy ordered letting go of the hand he held at the small of my back.  Not letting go of the belt in his right hand he put his other hand under my chin tilting my face to his as he took my mouth in a long sensuous kiss.  I was breathing heavy by the end of it.  “Just letting me touch you this way, trusting me, brings my fantasies to life.”

He winked at me then undid his jeans pushing them down his hard cock only inches from my face.  I licked my lips and looked up at him.

“Suck me,” was all he said and I did like I was starved.  I felt so hungry for him I slid my mouth down his length taking in all I could before slowly sliding my mouth back up swirling my tongue around the tip tasting him just as he brought the strap down on my ass, hard.  I gasped and felt my pussy get wetter, my nipples painfully hard and I went crazy sucking him off my lips sliding up and down faster, swiping my tongue around the head each time until he began thrusting and I let him set the pace and fuck my mouth.

“That’s it, baby, let me have you how I want.”  He fisted my hair with one hand and continue spanking me with his belt, I fucking loved every second of it and when I reached up to caress his balls he pushed deeper into me and with a loud groan came in my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and swallowed all he gave me.

Immediately he pushed me onto my back and began a sensual assault raining wet kisses and stinging bites down my body, my neck, my breasts, biting my nipples had me moaning, then soothing with his tongue until he was between my legs and now he would see how ridiculously aroused I was with the evidence all the way down on my thighs.  Troy leaned in and swiped his tongue in one long lick from the bottom to the top then circling my clit as I thrashed underneath him panting for release.  He held me down with a hand on my stomach to still my movements as he pushed two of those lovely long fingers inside me and continued his assault with his mouth.  I was getting close to the edge so fast that when he lightly bit my clit I screamed his name my hands fisted in his hair as I came so hard it almost hurt.  God, I was so easy for him and I lay there somewhat exhausted as he crawled up my body and then pulled me to rest against him with my head on his chest.

“Jesus, that was something else,” he said his breathing still as laboured as mine. “I went hard at you, are you okay?”

“Hell yes! That was amazing.  I didn’t think it was possible to be that aroused, that right there will be what I think of anytime you’re not around and I need to get off.”

Troy laughed loud and grinning kissed my forehead. “Happy to supply you with anything you need to help with that, sweetheart.”


The next few months flew by and we settled into a fantastic routine though still decided to keep our relationship on the down low for now.  Work all week, productive and intense, sleepovers with takeout or home cooked meals complete with spanking and sex then dessert.  The weekends were where we got to explore more of each other in and out of the bedroom, though the bedroom was a misnomer as we quite literally had sex all over the house and found interesting uses for a number of ordinary household items.

Everything was so wonderful, work was going great, I was building a great relationship with an amazing man.  What could go wrong?

“Zarah, your dad wants to see you in his office as soon as you are free,” Keira said as she left a coffee and chocolate chip cookie on my desk.  I thanked her and headed to see my father.

“Zarah, how are you, honey?” Dad asked.

“Great, dad, and you?”

“Good.  I drove by your house last Tuesday, wanted to have a chat but you weren’t home, where were you?”

“Out, why?  You can just call me you know, I could make sure I was at…”

“I came around Wednesday and Thursday as well,” he said cutting me off, “Troy’s car was in your driveway both nights.  Anything you want to tell me?”

So, he knew, or suspected something was between me and Troy.  This is one of those moments, to lie or tell the truth.  I preferred truth, but Troy and I hadn’t discussed when to tell my father.  I decided on a different tack.  He hadn’t directly asked about our relationship, so I didn’t need to directly answer.  Besides our sexual escapades were at the top of the list of things I did not want to discuss with my father.

“Nothing in particular, as you said before, we make a good team.”

There, vague and non-committal.

“Zarah! Are you sleeping with Troy?” he snapped


“If I am it’s none of your business unless it affects business,” I snapped back before putting my hands on my hips.

Dad glowered at me then went for gold.  “When it affects my daughter, it is always my business.”

It was at this point Troy decided to stroll in, taking in the scene of me and dad glaring at each other and casually announced after closing the office door, “you do know the whole office can hear your conversation, right?”

Double shit!

Troy looked directly at me for a moment then held out his hand.  I didn’t hesitate and walked to him taking it as he pulled me to stand in front of him his arms around my waist.

“Zarah and I are in a relationship, we hadn’t told anyone yet because it is still new enough for us to be working out how we fit together.  Working together, being with each other and the balance needed to make it successful.”

Damn, he always knew the right things to say and it made my stomach do little flips, I was so falling for this man.  I could see dad didn’t like it, his scowl was a work of art, then he seemed to let it go.

“Fuck it, I can see talking to either of you isn’t going to make you end this.”

I almost laughed, if Troy wondered where I got my bad language from, exhibit A was right in front of us.

“Just be sensible.  I want professionalism at all times, no sex in the stationary cupboard or any shenanigans like that!”

“Dad! Oh, my god, I can’t believe you even said that.  We’ve been together for close to three months and there hasn’t been a moment of non-professionalism,” I yelled at him.  Don’t think of the boardroom, don’t think of the boardroom I repeated over and over in my head and felt Troy stifle a laugh behind me.

“Fine! Make sure to tell me if this goes any further, I really don’t want to be blindsided again by an engagement, wedding, baby or even a dog for that matter.  I’d like to be the first one to know.  Now, get out of my office and do some bloody work, will you?!”

We left his office then and Troy took my hand as we walked back to my office not caring who saw us.

“You know, Zarah, that was pretty stressful, and you were very rude to your father.  That has earned you a hell of a spanking when we get home,” Troy said quietly to me.

“Maybe we discuss this later, Troy?”

“You’re right, somewhere quiet,” and looking around as if he was about to do something illegal he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into the stationary cupboard.

“You can’t be serious!” I laughed.

“Very serious. I wondered if there was enough room to bend you over or just a quickie up against the door.  Your dad shouldn’t have given me such ideas and I hate being told what I can and can’t do.”

I grinned back at him as he leaned down and proceeded to kiss me until I no longer cared where we were, he was all mine and we had everything to look forward to.


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