The New Partner – Part 4

the new partner

Giggling and feeling very daring, I stood up and stripped my dress off in a second. Clad in only a purple ribbon and purple heels I was suddenly struck by my own boldness and his face glowed with appreciation at the sight of me naked.

A sudden embarrassment flooded my cheeks and I reached for my dress to cover myself but he got to it first and had his arm around my waist a second later. Before I could protest further I found myself, yet again, face down over his knee completely naked. No holding back this time, no, his hand came down on my bare bottom with a sureness he hadn’t shown before. In no time my bottom was smarting but it also felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. His hand rose and fell till I was squirming trying to get away and not wanting to at the same time.

“Want more?” Troy growled out the question. The sound turned my insides to liquid as he slid me off his lap and onto the ground on my knees. My bottom was on fire and I didn’t have a care in the world as I nodded vigorously.

“You’re to go to the kitchen and get a wooden spoon, make sure it’s clean and then get back here as fast as you can.”

I sprinted, as well as one can sprint in four inch heels and completely naked, to the kitchen. Spoon, spoon, where are the damn spoons. I spied one in a cylindrical container along with whisks and the like. Grabbing that I raced back to the lounge.

Troy was leaning back against the sofa grinning his hands locked behind his head. “I forgot to tell you, you were supposed to come back on hands and knees, wooden spoon between your teeth.”

I gaped at him and then thought what the hell. Backing up to the door I went down on all fours, feeling a little silly and yet strangely aroused, I put the spoon between my teeth and moved with a steady gait till I was at his feet and looked up at him.

Troy was still smiling but no longer grinning. It wasn’t the taunting attitude I had feared, no not at all, instead his eyes held a look of admiration. He was pleased with me and I realised then he had not expected me to do this. I smiled around the spoon.

“Ere do u wan dis?”

“You shouldn’t ask such suggestive questions,” he teased me, taking the spoon gently from my mouth and patting his lap.

As I moved to place myself over his lap he wasted no time in bringing the wooden spoon down on first one cheek and then the other.

Splat! “That is for knocking me on the head earlier.”

Whack! “That is for taking too long to get the implement.”

Crack! “And that is for having such a sweet ass that just begs to be turned bright red”

Smack, smack, smack…he continued until I was wriggling like a garden worm, though hopefully much prettier. He seemed to know when I needed a break and rubbed his warm palm over my bottom that I was sure must already be bright red.

“A lovely deep pink,” Troy said as if reading my mind. “Still with me Zarah?”



“Yes Sir.”

His hand continued to circle my bottom then dipped lower, between my legs. A light chuckle came from him as I knew he had found just how wet I was. He easily slid two fingers into me which made me gasp and then moan.

“Ready for the last round?” Troy asked me as he brought me close to orgasm.

“Yes, Yes Sir, Yes,” I panted out just as he removed his fingers. Nooo, so close, not fair. I squirmed a little then but he held me still till I had calmed somewhat. Calm! My body sang, my bottom ached and my blood ran through my veins fired with a passion I hadn’t known before.

His hand came down upon me next. It was lovely but it hurt and I realised pretty quickly he wasn’t doing it as hard as he could. It hurt enough to be felt but not enough to take away the desire that was already there. Oh, he was good alright and finished off with a few very heavy smacks before helping me up to sit astride him.

Troy gently brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me softly but the time for finesse was long gone in my opinion and I returned his kiss with abandon. Tasting his mouth, sucking his tongue, my hands undoing his shirt and next his trousers. He laughed that dark, deep, lovely sound washing over me and helped me at my task. Soon he was free enough for me to have him as I needed and as I raked my fingers over his chest he took a condom from his pocket and had covered himself just before I raised myself over his swollen cock and took him inside me until he filled me completely.

A harsh groan, a soft moan and Troy just held me tightly to him for a moment but I couldn’t keep still, I had to move. To feel the sweet friction and slide of our bodies. He helped me ride him his hands beneath my ass, kneading the sore flesh as I moved in that age-old dance. Lowering his head, he nipped at my breasts with his teeth and finally took one aching nipple into his mouth. The twin feelings of him deep inside me and his mouth at my breast sent me spiraling and I arched my back as I cried out my release. It was so intense and I heard Troy’s harsh groan as he joined me a moment later.

Panting he pulled me into his chest again and I listened as his heartbeat slowed, cocooned in his arms. I could have slept where I was but he disentangled us and carried me upstairs to bed.

“I’ve got to go out of town tomorrow but I’ll be back by the end of the week. Will you come and stay with me next weekend.”

“Sure,” I mumbled feeling exhausted; it was Tuesday that gave me four days to get my legs working again, I could do that.

Snuggling into him, feeling happy and content, I fell asleep almost as soon as we hit the bed.


Four days, he was only gone four days and I missed him terribly.  Friday night he took me to his place and after a couple of rounds of spanking and sex  I fell asleep in his arms sated.

I awoke and stretched luxuriously in his big bed, finding myself alone. A grunt came from somewhere, then another. Frowning, I crawled to the other side of the bed and peered over the edge. Troy was doing push ups in nothing more than what he was born in and I was happy to simply admire his nice firm butt even if it did look like he was humping the carpet.

“What are you doing? I’ve heard of ‘polishing you knob’ but never seen it done quite like that,” I couldn’t help myself.

He laughed snagging my arm, my precarious perch on the edge of the bed afforded no protection and he hauled me under him for a tickling. I yelped whilst trying to fend off his sneaky hands with little success. Troy subdued my wriggling form effortlessly, pinning my hands over my head and leisurely kissed his way down to my breast. My nipple hardened when his tongue touched it and I moaned in delight, rubbing myself against him. He pressed wet kisses around my breast until he reached the tip again and sucked strongly. I arched my back to meet him and wrapped my legs around his hips surprised at how aroused I was; he went on and tormented my other breast in the same manner.

Troy let go of me and slid his hands down my sides. With a final tug on my nipple his mouth moved lower, following his hands. His tongue left a wet trail down my body and only stopped to dip into my belly button before delving lower. His hands moved down and underneath my bottom then around to grip my thighs and spread them wider so I was completely exposed to his gaze. His eyes devoured me before I felt his mouth on my hot, damp flesh. He kissed my pussy teasingly; nibbled, sucked and licked as if tasting a delicious fruit that he wanted to savour.

“Please Troy,” I gasped mindless.

“Please? Please what, baby? This?” he asked his tongue gently circling my clit as he pushed a finger inside me.

“Yesss, that.”

“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so,” he commanded.

His hands left my body and I heard a drawer open and a match being lit. I lay on the floor my eyes closed, my body open and trusting. Troy returned and nibbled my clit again before pushing two fingers easily into my aching, wet pussy. He moved away but his fingers remained inside me, fucking me in a slow and deliberate manner. I moaned and moved my hips matching the rhythm of his fingers trying to take him deep but he pulled back, kept me dancing on the edge.

“Remember, keep your eyes closed,” Troy reiterated.

I felt a hot burning sensation on my nipple. A flash of hot pain, I gasped my eyes flying open, then warmth and the pain became pleasure spiralling down to my clit. I closed my eye as he moved his fingers slowly in and out of me a few times before repeating the sensation on my other nipple. It was wax, the sting was hot, sharp and delicious. He continued his torture, dripping the wax on my sensitive skin and fingering me, building the sensations as he moved the dripping wax closer to my feminine flesh.

“Ready for more? You feel like you are, you’re so fucking wet, honey,” he purred.

“Yes, yes, more of everything, anything, Sir!” I gasped.

“Dangerous words,”

I cried out with pleasure when the first drop struck my sensitive inner thigh. The pain from it barely registered now as my overloaded and aroused brain translated everything to pure delight. I squealed and sobbed as the wax was dripped back and forth over my thighs and across the top of my mound. Troy removed his fingers from me and brought his hand to my mouth.

“Open your eyes,” he said, “now suck.”

I complied tasting myself on his fingers. I felt wicked and wanton and never wanted him to stop. Then he dripped hot wax directly on my clit and I screamed, the pleasure and pain mixing till I thought I would burst. Again and again on my most sensitive skin, I writhed under the onslaught and in that moment would have done anything he wanted. I felt desperate and undone.

“You are beautiful,” Troy whispered, “the things I want to do with you.”

Troy extinguished the flame and I watched as he peeled off the hardened wax from my nipples. My nerve ends rioted. The initial burn of the wax, then the cool air, his warm mouth layered sensation upon sensation to my oversensitive nipple and at the same time his fingertips gently brushed the wax off my clit and I climaxed immediately taking us both by surprise. I screamed my release but he didn’t let up until all the wax was peeled away and I managed to get my breath back.

Troy rolled a condom on before he pulled me up into his arms so I sat as astride him and with his hands under my bottom stood up and walked us both into the bathroom. A moment later warm water ran over us as I felt his cock nudge my body, seeking entrance. I sank down on his shaft as he pinned me to the wall of the shower and thrust into me like a man possessed. We kissed ravenously tongues tangling; tasting and biting lips. My hands gripped him, nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders as he filled me again and again. The pleasure from the wax play still hummed through me and the sweet slide of our bodies brought me quickly to the edge of another climax. I tensed, gripped Troy tighter as another orgasm ripped through me tearing a strangled cry from me. Troy’s guttural groans mingled with mine as he came a moment after.

We clung together panting as the warm water sluiced over us and slowly disentangled our limbs. He kissed me lightly and smiling I grabbed the soap determined to give him a thorough washing.

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