The New Partner – Part 3

the new partner

The board room had a luxurious feel to it. The long, wide mahogany and oak conference table dominated the room with black high backed leather chairs sitting on a plush burgundy carpet. Keira had laid out a tray with glasses, iced water and some biscuits. I poured myself some water and tried to calm my nerves and hydrate my dry mouth. I almost spilled it when the door opened and Troy walked in.

His eyes fell to the unopened file on the table as he slowly closed the door behind him. I didn’t want to put him on his guard so I took a seat and tapped my fingers on the file, waiting for him to sit.

“Keira said you needed to see me about the Fortuna deal, everything has been worked out, what more is there to discuss?” he said coming straight to the point.

“I didn’t want to discuss the Fortuna deal.” I decided to be direct as well. “I want to discuss what happened between us in that hotel two weeks ago.”

He immediately got up to leave, I was faster. I made it to the door before him and placed myself in front of it. I knew this room was soundproof so no one would hear us.

“I’m not going to discuss that, there is nothing to say.”

“Like hell there isn’t!” I exploded.

He gave me that look, the same one as at the hotel just before he threw me over his shoulder. Maybe that was the key, I had to push him, goad him into it. Was that fair? Probably not, but I wasn’t feeling in a fair mood.

“There are things here you don’t understand and that I do not have the patience to explain. Leave it Zarah.”


“Please, move away from the door. It’s best for us both.”


“Zarah, it shouldn’t have happened. I’ve put it behind me, you need to as well. It was a mistake.”

I wanted to slap his face for saying that, for making me feel like it was nothing, like it was something dirty or wrong. It hadn’t felt like that, it had felt right. I wasn’t going allow him to make me feel that way.

“It wasn’t and I won’t put it behind me, you said it would help, it did, it really did. I won’t let you just brush it aside.”

“What will you do then? Run to daddy, tell him what the bad man did?”

“No, I would never do that,” I was horrified at his words and what they suggested.

“Wouldn’t you? That’s what I’ve been expecting for two weeks, wondering when I would get my marching orders for paddling your backside even though you deserved it.”

“Yes I did. I admitted it then, I admit it now and what’s more I want you to do it again.” My face was bright red with the admission.

Troy walked towards me, then walked me backwards until my back was pressed to the door. He considered me for what felt like an eternity then bent his head so his mouth was next to my ear.

“I am going to lock the door and by the time I turn around I expect you to be positioned over the table with your skirt up and panties down, proving you accept my authority in this. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I nodded a little breathless and surprised at how much I wanted to do as he ordered. I moved like lightning wriggling my tight skirt up to my waist and pushing my panties down to my knees at the same time as I lay face down over the board room table. I hadn’t realised till now just how much I wanted this.

He wasted no time and with his left hand pressed down on the middle of my back his right palm cracked across my bottom with a strong and steady and pace that had me crying out by the fifth smack. Troy did not relent, even as my bottom began to sting and I began to sing. Even when I moved or wriggled he simply commanded me back into position and continued the onslaught.

“You asked for this, remember that,” Troy said as he moved away.

“Yes, yes,” I panted, “I’m such a bad girl.”

He came back a moment later and the first sting of whatever implement he had found, his belt I soon realised.  I couldn’t stop the cries that came as the spanking continued and I was able to let go and completely surrender to the pain.

“God, your mouth, it must get you into so much trouble.  If you were mine, you would get this regularly,” Troy said breathing harshly.  He stopped spanking me once I had surrendered and was gently rubbing his palm over my burning derrière; as before I could feel another sort of burning sensation that was harder to admit to.

“How do you feel?” Troy asked softly.

“Much better, thank you Sir,” I replied sniffling a little.

He continued rubbing his large hand over my bottom then dipped between my legs gently brushing the edge of my panties and finding me wet, he groaned but removed his hand without taking it any further.

“When you stand up, you’re going to take off your panties and give them to me.”

I stood up and blushing did as he asked, he took my lacy pink panties, folded them neatly, and tucked them into his trouser pocket.

“Dinner tonight, my place at seven, don’t be late,” Troy said as he walked to the door and opened it. Looking over his shoulder at me before quitting the room, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips, he said, “don’t wear any underwear.”


I was full of nervous energy by the time I got to Troy’s place. We were taking it up a level, having only indulged in a couple of spanking sessions up till now. The first time because of my rude behaviour and the second because I asked it of him. Troy was obviously no stranger to this sort of thing and I was fast coming to realise how much I enjoyed it as well as how beneficial it could be.

Troy had initiated the first instance and I the second, in a somewhat underhanded manner, but there were times when a woman just had to fight for what she wanted. Still, why had he held back after that first time? I wanted to get to the bottom of that too.

I was wearing a pink silk dress, without panties as prescribed, actually I had on no underwear as a bra wasn’t necessary with this dress and I felt quite naughty and aroused from it already. Lilac shoes, purse and ribbon in my hair completed the ensemble, and men thought we couldn’t travel light; this little number would put paid to that notion.

Knocking at the door I straightened my skirt and waited. No one answered. I knocked again, and waited further. Hearing footsteps I looked around and saw a couple taking a stroll. So engrossed in this, and wondering if they could figure out I had no underwear on, I never heard the door open. Instead I ‘knocked’ again, directly on Troy’s head, who happened to be coming out to greet me as my hand was descending. He grunted and stepped back pulling me with him.

“Sorry,” I sputtered, trying my best not to laugh and failing miserably.

“You really are a brat,” he said once I was inside and bent his head to brush his lips over mine.

I hiccupped, still laughing. “That’s what happens when you keep people waiting.”

He smiled and motioned towards another room. “Come on, I have some wine open.”

I followed him into the kitchen eyeing the rest of the house, or what I could see of it, on the way. It was very stylish and spacious. Cream carpet and walls; dark furnishings with interesting tapestries and paintings scattered about. The kitchen was an amateur chef’s dream, modern and sparkling appliances and something in the oven that smelled divine.

He took my hand and pressed something soft into it. Looking down I realised it was my panties, that he had taken from me earlier. Frowning I looked back at him.

“I did as you asked,” I said feeling confused.

“I know, I shouldn’t have asked it. You should cover yourself up again.”

We were back to this and my anxiety, nerves and lack of patience skyrocketed and got the better of me.

“Why not?” I cried.

“We work together, we shouldn’t let anything else get in the way.”

“And yet you asked me over for dinner and I’m here, that sounds like two consenting adults wanting to enjoy each other’s company.  What is so wrong with that?”

“It could confuse everything. We can have a pleasant meal together and take this no further.”

“You know what I think?  I don’t think you know what you want! You run hot then cold and I am not used to this sort of back and forth.”

“No, you aren’t, you are used to getting whatever you want and so you stamp when it doesn’t go your way.”

“This is not about things going my way. You are playing with me. I have been nothing but direct and honest, it is you who always sidles and I want to know why.”

“Or what?” he asked quietly.

“Or…nothing. That wasn’t a threat just a request for honest communication, Troy. I came here tonight in the hope that maybe, just maybe, there was something worth building on, a spark to nurture. It is as if I am asking for the world.” I thought for a moment and then looked up understanding dawning on me. “Is that what happened? Someone threatened you?”

We stared at each other for a long moment and though I don’t know what went through his mind I could see a decision was made.

“Yes, threatened to go to the police and other unsavoury things.”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, trying to speak, then shut it firmly and thought for a moment.

“Will you tell me what happened?” I asked gently.

He nodded. “It wasn’t exactly the dinner conversation I had planned but you are right, if there is hope for anything between us there are some things you should know.”

The food was delicious. Oysters Kilpatrick to start; grilled stuffed chicken breast with a white wine sauce and spring vegetables; followed by fresh berries and homemade Whisky ice-cream. During which Troy explained the sad details of his previous relationship. Emma, his ex-fiancée had managed to take him for half his fortune by using his own nature against him.

“She was a princess and always got her way. Regular speeding fines, disrespecting others and their property. Emma had no shame and thought everyone should bow to her. I didn’t of course and she liked that. Disciplinary spanking was soon introduced and she had fully consented to it even saying it helped her. She was convincing enough and I really believed she was interested in that being part of our relationship.”

When she saw the opportunity, Troy didn’t know, but he finally realised their life wasn’t going to go in a direction he wanted and decided it was time to make an end. That last night when Troy told Emma it was finished, she begged him for another chance and that she would do as he said; she even pleaded for a harsh spanking so she would know he still cared enough to correct her.  Troy gave in to that and spanked her hard. After the spanking, he found he had no desire to make love to her and knew then it was completely over and sent her to sleep in the guest room.

“Emma was furious, I could see it in her eyes, nothing had changed I just couldn’t see where it was all heading. The next morning, she threatened to go to the police with charges of domestic violence, then contact my employer and get very vocal about my…predilections.”

“What a bitch! What happened?” I was shocked, not understanding why someone would do such a thing.

“She wanted money that was all. We negotiated a price, I paid it.”

“Just like that?”

“I wanted it over as quickly as possible. Getting away from her was the priority.”

“What if she tries to bring it up again?”

“No, I hired a detective, I wasn’t the only scam, she has a history of it, she has nothing on me but I have plenty on her. If she had gone to the police that day she definitely had marks to back up a claim if made and I didn’t want to find out how serious she was.”

We sat and sipped more wine after this revelation and I felt the atmosphere changing as if we had shared something personal enough to open other doors, as if the barriers that I was constantly feeling had now been removed.

“I would never…” I started.

Troy smiled at me and for once it seemed truly carefree. “Zarah don’t. I already know that. You’re nothing like her.  Yes, you were a princess that night in the hotel but I realised that was not typical behaviour from you.  I’ve seen how you are over the past weeks working with you and your dad.  You’re committed and thorough and always pleasant to those around you.  However, not very compliant, you haven’t put your panties back on as I told you to.”

I laughed then and poked my tongue out at him. “And I’m not going to either, besides you didn’t actually tell me to.”

“We shall have to work on your listening skills and your obedience, or maybe I just spank you for the hell of it,” Troy grinned.

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