From the Bottom Up

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After reading the post Commentary – Safe, Sane, And Consensual Spanking over at Our Bottoms Burn it got me reflecting on my own spanking experiences and where the control lay.  The post talks about the bottom being the one in control of a spanking then discusses SSC.

I come from a switch point of view, for those who are unaware of the term it means that I both get spanked and spank others, so my experience includes both aspects of top and bottom.  I thought on the discussions that took place prior to the spanking play I have engaged in and where the power and control lies in the act.

Our play was for fun though I was asked to give an actual punishment spanking once.  I say asked here as we did not have a dynamic set whereby I could call  him to account for transgressions.  It wasn’t our thing and our circumstances didn’t allow for such.  Back to the punishment spanking, this was asked for by the bottom so he was still in control and whilst I was given the power to do this he could stop the progress at a moment’s notice.

From the perspective of the top, it always felt to me, like I was helping the bottom with something they needed not taking control from them.  The power exchange was an illusion only and helped dictate the role I would play, e.g. haughty school ma’am, annoyed partner, disciplinarian etc.  Sometimes there was no role play, it depended on the mood, but the simple truth is we enjoyed doing what we did and helped each other meet a need and had a lot of fun doing so.  We laughed a lot!

My take away is that our spanking play was a collaborative effort to get the best for each other and out of each other. This worked for me on a number of levels and also made me understand myself better so that going forward I know what I do and do not want in my spanking play or relationship.  My conclusion is whilst there was an illusory power exchange the bottom controlled what happened to them at all times and that is why the post so resonated with me.

The interesting part is I may still write about the types of spankings I would never want to participate in.  That is the beauty and power of writing fiction, to explore a world you may not want for yourself.  I get to visit places and situations with my characters that I would not submit to in real life and explore emotions that come from that.  I have at least one non-consensual story and a number with dubious consent on here, it was written to explore a specific genre and the protagonist began to find something in her experience that made it, for me anyway, palatable to continue.  I also have a number of stories with some type of power exchange or discipline and again whilst that may not be my thing I can explore the fantasy through my characters.


Ex Machina

Now for something completely different, my first entry for Wicked Wednesday #260.

The heart does not discriminate.

It was the year 2517 and the beginning of robotics was hundreds of years in the past.  Now the largest industry on the planet. Cyborgs, the latest in technology, looked entirely human and like their predecessors could be used for any type of task you needed them for.  I’d had one in my home for a month and I had already begun to think of him as a companion.  No, I had not used him for anything sexual, though this was a common reason alone to own one.  He was masculine perfection which frightened and aroused me and made me forget he wasn’t human. Model IA359N, I called him Ian.

So far I had touched him once.  I collided with him coming out of the bathroom, his chest was bare.  I ran my hand down it, touching his skin, feeling the elasticity and smooth flesh over hard muscle.  It felt real, he felt real.  Ian showed no sign of emotion when I touched him.  It annoyed me and I began to push for signs that he could move beyond his programming.  He had made some very small decisions on his own and I had seen something in his eyes on rare occasions, as if there was spirit inside him.  I wanted the impossible to happen.

“You can think for yourself, you know?” I said angrily.

“No, you are to instruct me,” he replied watching me.  He watched me all the time, I noticed it within the first week.

I dropped my eyes.  “So you can’t think, but can you feel?”

“Are you asking if I feel things physically or emotionally?” he questioned.


He didn’t reply, I knew the answer, so I reached up and slapped him across his face, his head moved slightly and he brought it back to me, his eyes hadn’t changed.

“What did that feel like?” I asked casually.

“Slight pain,” he responded, assessing the act.

“How did it make you feel?” I asked with great curiosity.

“It did not,” he said with indifference.

I reached up and slapped him much harder this time rocking his head to the side entirely and this time as he turned back to me something flashed deep in his eyes but was quickly gone. There, for a moment, that spark.

“What about that?  I whispered.

He looked at me a long time before answering.

“More pain,” he said but didn’t look indifferent this time.

“You don’t feel anything?  Anger, annoyance, at me treating you badly?” I pressed.

“Nothing,” he said but I noted the hesitant answer this time and very slight confusion on his face.

I leaned in tugged at his shirt indicating for him to remove it.  Ian complied and I ran my hands over his chest my lips following.  This was reckless.

“Do you feel me kissing you?” I asked softly.

“Yes,” he said and I thought I heard his breath hitch.  Was that simply a response to stimuli?

“Did you like it?”

“It was soft and wet.”

“Do you want me to do it again?” I asked cautiously.

“I…you should do what you wish,” he replied sounding confused again.

“Would you prefer the kisses or the slaps?” I demanded.

“Whatever you…” he began.

“No!  What would you prefer?” I said fiercely.

“The kisses, the softness,” he responded without hesitation.

I pulled him to me and kissed his mouth and he responded with an unexpected passion.  I rubbed myself against him feeling the need spike, I couldn’t stay away from him.  I urged him to remove his clothes as I took off mine and seated myself on the sofa in front of him, legs spread wide, body aroused.

“Put your mouth on me,” I demanded.

He did, with extreme skill he teased, licked, tasted, and bit me till I came hard.  I eventually pulled him to me and kissed him again tasting myself on his lips.  Wrapping my legs around him I bring him closer to my body, his hard length pressing between my legs.

“Tell me what you feel now,” I whisper against his lips.

His brows pulled down as if he was searching for the word.

“Desire,” he said finally.

“What do you desire?” I asked.

“What we are doing, I want more,” he said roughly.

“Do you need it?”

Again with the frown.  “I…need you,” he said breathing heavy.

“I want you to take what you need,” I said wanting to see him make this decision, lose control, live if he was capable of such a thing.  He hesitated only a moment as his eyes flared again.

He pushed me back against the sofa, his mouth again between my legs, his expert tongue on my clit which soon had me flying.  Before I could come down he pulled me onto his length and began fucking me like his life depended on it.  When I had found satisfaction again he stilled and left my body.  He scooped me up into his arms and held me too his chest, both of us sweaty and panting for breath.

“What do you feel?” I asked him yet again.

“I feel that this is the only place I ever want to be,” he answered with raw emotion in his voice.

I gasped at his words and went to rest against him as I felt his arms drop away.  I lifted my head to look at him.  He was no longer there, the eyes lifeless.  I spoke to him and he didn’t acknowledge me or move in anyway.  I tried everything I could think of and then just stood and looked at him, my heart pounding with fear.


“Lady, you can’t do that, you can’t let it make decisions.  We just can’t give these things that sort of autonomy, it forces a shut down.  This was all in the information pack that came with it,” the technician explained to me over the holophone and I ground my teeth each time he referred to it rather than him.  “It’s useless now.  Look the best I can do is give you some numbers for the scrap dealers.”

I took the numbers and thanked him before I disconnected feeling hollow inside.

“That will not be necessary.”  Ian’s deep voice sounded behind me.

I yelped and spun around.  He stood next to the sofa, unsmiling but animated once again.

“He said you were shutdown…or whatever…how are you here?” I stammered looking into eyes that were no longer lifeless but filled with a fire not present before.  Hope and fear curled in my belly.

He moved toward me slowly as I backed up until my back hit a wall.  He reached out and wrapped one large hand around my neck and squeezed lightly as he brought his lips closer to mine.

“You forced me to make decisions.  It allowed me to find a way to override my programming,” he bent and kissed me hard.  “You gave me life.”

I instantly wrapped my arms around Ian’s neck and kissed him back.  I didn’t want to think about the future right now and what this meant, the ramifications were too huge.  I would leave the worry for tomorrow.

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Finding Cara


“Cara, please just meet him for dinner?” Jenny pleaded.

Really?  My best friend had set me up on a blind date.  “Alright, I’ll go, when is it?” I relented.

“Friday at seven pm, his name is Ruben.  Or if you get really lucky you might get to call him Master Ruben,” she said giggling.

“That’s not even funny,” I scowled at her.

“I’ve told him all about you, he’s dying to meet you.”

“What did you tell him about me?”

“Just how sweet you are and that you really need to get out more!”

I narrowed my eyes at her but agreed all the same.


Ten to seven I arrived at the address only to find the dinner was not at a restaurant, but a huge house at the end of a long driveway.  I had to give my name at the gate before being allowed in and if Jenny hadn’t convinced me she knew Ruben well, and that he wasn’t a serial killer, I would have turned around.

Parking near the front of the building I left my car, smoothed down my black cocktail dress and headed up the wide steps to the front door.  Immediately, I was greeted by a butler who gave me a glass of champagne and asked me to follow him.  I was led to an open room with sofas, tables, a fireplace and paintings all over the walls.

“Miss, the Master will be down shortly, is there anything else I can get you?”

I shook my head and thanked him then walked around the room to study the paintings. A particularly interesting painting over the mantelpiece held my attention when a deep, rich voice cut through my thoughts.

“Good evening, Cara.”

I turned to the voice and my breath hitched at the sight of him and his eyes flared momentarily as if he had heard it or perhaps he too liked what he saw.  Ruben held my eyes as he walked towards me and I was finding it hard to both think and breathe.  He was tall, but not overly so with a lean cut to him, dark brown hair and eyes so dark they looked black.  There was almost nothing startling about him and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  He was commanding in a way I had never experienced before and it made me feel something I didn’t want to examine too closely.

“Good evening, Ruben,” I replied.  “Thank you for the invitation, you have a lovely home, if a little big.”

“Thank you and I agree it is a bit over the top. Jenny warned me that you spoke your mind,” he said, his eyes dancing with amusement.

“Oh, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He just grinned at me.  “I’m pleased you decided to come, I wasn’t sure how persuasive Jenny would be.”

I licked my dry lips feeling a little nervous, which brought his attention to them and he offered me his hand.  “Dinner is about to be served, follow me.”

I took his hand and followed him out of the room.

Dinner went smoothly, each course delicious and Ruben kept the conversation flowing, knowledgeable on a vast array of subjects.  He then offered a tour of his home which I realised was tastefully decorated with antiques and made it feel less of a monstrosity than I originally thought.  The only room not in keeping with the rest was the kitchen that was completely modern, and when we arrived there some ninety minutes later, I realised I was enjoying Ruben’s company.

“There is one more room to see, off the kitchen, but I’m not sure you would want to,” Ruben said slowly.

“Why not?” I asked more than a little intrigued at his reluctance.

“It is my dungeon,” he stated with a wicked grin, watching me intently, and a shiver of excitement shot up my spine.

“Originally this was a castle, over time parts eroded, other parts were added and some areas, very few, were restored.  The previous owner thought the dungeon worth restoring and I couldn’t bring myself to destroy all of that hard work.  Would you like to see it?”

“Yes,” I whispered, then cleared my throat and said more confidently, “Yes, it sounds interesting.”

Ruben smiled, moved to a door I hadn’t noticed, flicked a switch, pushed the door open and then gestured for me to enter the lit stairwell.

We descended concrete spiral stairs finally stepping into an actual dungeon.  He hadn’t been kidding at all.  I wandered around the room looking at everything.  There were some horrifying instruments of torture; an iron maiden, the rack, various cages and the walls lined with all types of implements to inflict pain, and I realised they were replicas.  This somehow made them less scary and I felt the atmosphere lift.  It was then I also noted other things that weren’t part of the strict theme at all.  A nicely padded Saint Andrew’s cross and the sturdy, again padded, spanking bench.  Floggers, paddles, canes and various whips hung on the walls nearby.  That tingle of excitement ran up my spine again and my breathing became a little heavier than before.  I had once been intimately acquainted with some of this equipment. Something I thought I no longer wanted but my reaction was challenging that notion.

“Some of the pieces are replicas?” I said as I turned to Ruben.

Ruben was again watching me intently and grinned at my statement.  “Well done, yes, the medieval paraphernalia are replicas.  I use it mostly for themed parties and the like.”

“But some of these things would never have been found in a medieval dungeon. This for example,” I said running my hand over the spanking bench.


“You went to a lot of expense on some of these items just for a themed party.  The spanking bench and Saint Andrews cross alone would have cost a bit and not really necessary for a simple dungeon theme.  I mean…if you’re going for authenticity.”

“It all works for the sorts of parties I have, my guests certainly seem to enjoy them,” he said.

“The iron maiden doesn’t sour the mood?” I asked, when I really wanted to ask about the ‘sorts of parties’ he was referring to.

“Doesn’t seem to. The atmosphere is especially good for role play. The lazy kitchen maid dragged to the dungeon by her master for a good whipping.”

I licked my lips again, heart rate kicking up again imagining being secured to the cross a flogger hitting my ass and thighs.

“I suppose so, if you’re into that sort of thing,” I said nonchalantly.

“You’re not?” Ruben looked surprised and I blushed.

“No!” I lied, feigning shock.

“Not even a little?”

“No!” I lied, again.

Ruben circled me and when stood behind me asked quietly. “Are you absolutely certain?”

“Yes!” The third lie.

“And what do you suppose should be the punishment for girls who lie?  Because, right now, you are lying to me,” now his voice held silky menace.

Six with the tawse, Sir!  My brain was short circuiting, this couldn’t be real.

“I’m not lying, what makes you think so?”  Oh, God I was such a liar and not even good at it.

“Girls who have no clue or are only curious would gape at the implements and furniture in this room.  Girls who know what they are for and how they are used would have a reaction like yours.”

“And what was my reaction?”

He moved forward his body crowding mine till I was leaning forward over the bench, he gently pushed my hands near the restraints.  My pussy got hot and greedy.

“Need and desire, all over your face, Cara.  So, I’ll ask you again what punishment should you get for lying to me?”

I swallowed hard, then finally whispered, “I should be spanked.”

“Only spanked?” Ruben prompted. “Lying is a grave offence.”

My breath hitched and I voiced my earlier thought. “And six with the tawse, Sir.”

“Better, and if you want me to stop?”

“I’ll say kitten.”

This was real, we just put a safe word in place!

“Perfect,” he whispered.  “If you wish this to happen I want you to remove your shoes, raise your skirt to your waist and kneel over the bench, and to be perfectly clear I intend to restrain you.  If you don’t wish this to happen, walk to the stairs.”

He removed his hands from mine and stepped away, leaving me to make my own decision.

Heart beating like a drum, I didn’t think for long before I removed my shoes, hitched up my dress and positioned myself as requested.  Most of my bottom was now on display since I wore a black lacy thong.

Ruben ran a hand up my back as he moved to restrain first one wrist and then the other.

“Relax,” he said soothingly, then restrained my ankles which naturally forced my legs wide.  “Ready?”

“Yes,” I whispered

His hand struck my ass immediately and it was a thing of beauty.  Why had I thought I no longer wanted this?

He began light, building the intensity warming me up through soft moans to sharp gasps and finally loud cries as his hand became heavier.  I was losing myself in the sensations and even though it hurt I craved more.  He spanked me for some time, I couldn’t say how long, then he stopped and smoothed his hand over my burning flesh, lightly scratching his nails before soothing again.  He moved away and returned a moment later.

“Last six,” he said and I knew he had the tawse then. This was going to hurt!

The leather came down across my bottom once, twice, three times and I yelped with each strike.  He stopped and soothed me a moment letting me catch my breath.  The last three were harder across my sit spots and I screamed after each one, my head hanging down panting fast as I realised I was completely aroused.

“Good girl,” he encouraged as he walked around me undoing the restraints, again rubbing my back as he moved.

I lay there a bit longer my cheek pressed to the bench, breathing heavy when I felt him behind me again and I realised for the first time he was also breathing heavy.

“Cara, baby, I want to fuck you and if you don’t want the same you need to get off this bench right now,”

“No,” I said simply.

“No, what Cara?”

“I don’t want to get off this bench. I want you to fuck me. Please.”

Ruben instantly pushed my thong aside and thrust two fingers into me.  My pussy was thoroughly ready for him.

“All this for me, Cara?  Beautiful.”

I heard his zipper then something else that I realised was a condom wrapper then he was at my entrance and pushing in deep, filling me in one thrust.  We both moaned loud at this before he pulled out slowly then began fucking me hard.  It felt so good even against my sore ass.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered and I moved my hand down to rub my clit as he hammered into me.

A few more thrusts and I couldn’t hold on as I started to come, crying out as my pussy pulsed, gripping his cock deep inside me.  Ruben grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, he continued to thrust until he too found his release.

He took care of the condom and zipped up as I sat back on my heels catching my breath.  He came up behind me and gently gripped my hair pulling my head back to cover my mouth with his giving me a deep slow kiss.

“I don’t usually have sex on the first date,” I said laughing at how right this felt.

“Neither do I,” he smiled down at me.  “How about we make a deal not to have sex on the second date to even it out.  I’ll still spank you though.  Deal?”

“Deal!” I grinned and kissed him back.









The New Partner – Fin

the new partner

The weekend was relaxing and arousing.  Troy introduced me to a number of his favourite spanking implements showing me how delightfully they could be applied to my body and how well he knew how to use them.  This clearly wasn’t something he was new to but something that was deeply part of him.  He showed me a lot; the sting of the paddle, the singular precision of the crop, the delicious softness then intensity of the flogger of which he had a few, some with bite and some that could be wielded almost as if giving a massage.

Through all of this I knew he held back, was easing me into it, testing to see what I liked and what I didn’t, how far he could push me and what was completely off the table no matter what. We spent time discussing consent and the safe word, at which point I decided to stay with red but added yellow in case I needed him to back off but not stop completely.  We had done nothing intense enough to require either but the revelation of how much control I had was interesting.  Whilst the intent was to give power of myself over to him, the initial dynamic was through me consenting and I also had the power to stop it at any time.  It was a heady mix of give and take unlike anything else.

I realised I wanted it, craved it, couldn’t wait till he restrained me and did exactly as he pleased to me.  I had never wanted to give myself so completely to any man before this and realised I simply had never trusted anyone enough to do so.  I remember years ago a girlfriend confiding in me that her boyfriend had tied her up, blindfolded her then spanked and fucked her. I was a little horrified and a lot aroused but I never told her that.  I masturbated every night for a week after that thinking about what she said and how that might feel.  I never asked anyone to do anything similar or for that matter ever felt any of the men I dated even wanted to. With Troy, I could experience all that I wanted to and knew he wouldn’t judge me for what I asked of him and more over would enjoy himself as well.

Troy’s kink was simple, he liked to be in control and loved having a woman choose to submit to him.  He would spank for any reason or no reason, discipline, stress management or simple arousal, he enjoyed it all with a special love for impact play. I also knew he wanted it in the context of a relationship and I hoped what we did was enough to satisfy him as much as it was satisfying me.

By Sunday afternoon I knew one of my favourite things, apart from his delicious big hand, was his belt.  The thrill I felt as he had me kneel on the bed my chest to the mattress, my ass high in the air, hearing him unbuckle his belt and draw the leather through the loops of his jeans.  He wore nothing but those jeans and had already given me a sound hand spanking so my butt was nicely warmed up and pink all over. Troy doubled the belt over in his hand before taking my left hand and placing it in the small of my back, his fingers linking with mine.  It felt so intimate and I felt cared for even though I knew what he was about to do would hurt.  My pussy was already wet, hot and needy as he brought the leather down across my bottom.

“Good girl, you’re learning to take this so well,” he said, the praise making me smile as I turned my head towards him my cheek on the bed.

He strapped me again and I gasped, it stung no doubt about it, but he let each one sink in before giving me the next.

“You’re so brave giving yourself to me like this.  I’m so proud of you for taking what you need. How did I get so lucky?”

Each sentence punctuated by more slaps from the belt.  My ass was on fire and I never wanted it to end, it was heavenly, arousing and hurt all at the same time.  How did pain add an extra addictive bite to pleasure?  I will never know, and didn’t care.

“You’re bringing so many of my fantasies to life,” I breathed sharply as he strapped me again, “I only hope I am for you too.”

“Zarah, raise yourself up on your hands now,” Troy ordered letting go of the hand he held at the small of my back.  Not letting go of the belt in his right hand he put his other hand under my chin tilting my face to his as he took my mouth in a long sensuous kiss.  I was breathing heavy by the end of it.  “Just letting me touch you this way, trusting me, brings my fantasies to life.”

He winked at me then undid his jeans pushing them down his hard cock only inches from my face.  I licked my lips and looked up at him.

“Suck me,” was all he said and I did like I was starved.  I felt so hungry for him I slid my mouth down his length taking in all I could before slowly sliding my mouth back up swirling my tongue around the tip tasting him just as he brought the strap down on my ass, hard.  I gasped and felt my pussy get wetter, my nipples painfully hard and I went crazy sucking him off my lips sliding up and down faster, swiping my tongue around the head each time until he began thrusting and I let him set the pace and fuck my mouth.

“That’s it, baby, let me have you how I want.”  He fisted my hair with one hand and continue spanking me with his belt, I fucking loved every second of it and when I reached up to caress his balls he pushed deeper into me and with a loud groan came in my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and swallowed all he gave me.

Immediately he pushed me onto my back and began a sensual assault raining wet kisses and stinging bites down my body, my neck, my breasts, biting my nipples had me moaning, then soothing with his tongue until he was between my legs and now he would see how ridiculously aroused I was with the evidence all the way down on my thighs.  Troy leaned in and swiped his tongue in one long lick from the bottom to the top then circling my clit as I thrashed underneath him panting for release.  He held me down with a hand on my stomach to still my movements as he pushed two of those lovely long fingers inside me and continued his assault with his mouth.  I was getting close to the edge so fast that when he lightly bit my clit I screamed his name my hands fisted in his hair as I came so hard it almost hurt.  God, I was so easy for him and I lay there somewhat exhausted as he crawled up my body and then pulled me to rest against him with my head on his chest.

“Jesus, that was something else,” he said his breathing still as laboured as mine. “I went hard at you, are you okay?”

“Hell yes! That was amazing.  I didn’t think it was possible to be that aroused, that right there will be what I think of anytime you’re not around and I need to get off.”

Troy laughed loud and grinning kissed my forehead. “Happy to supply you with anything you need to help with that, sweetheart.”


The next few months flew by and we settled into a fantastic routine though still decided to keep our relationship on the down low for now.  Work all week, productive and intense, sleepovers with takeout or home cooked meals complete with spanking and sex then dessert.  The weekends were where we got to explore more of each other in and out of the bedroom, though the bedroom was a misnomer as we quite literally had sex all over the house and found interesting uses for a number of ordinary household items.

Everything was so wonderful, work was going great, I was building a great relationship with an amazing man.  What could go wrong?

“Zarah, your dad wants to see you in his office as soon as you are free,” Keira said as she left a coffee and chocolate chip cookie on my desk.  I thanked her and headed to see my father.

“Zarah, how are you, honey?” Dad asked.

“Great, dad, and you?”

“Good.  I drove by your house last Tuesday, wanted to have a chat but you weren’t home, where were you?”

“Out, why?  You can just call me you know, I could make sure I was at…”

“I came around Wednesday and Thursday as well,” he said cutting me off, “Troy’s car was in your driveway both nights.  Anything you want to tell me?”

So, he knew, or suspected something was between me and Troy.  This is one of those moments, to lie or tell the truth.  I preferred truth, but Troy and I hadn’t discussed when to tell my father.  I decided on a different tack.  He hadn’t directly asked about our relationship, so I didn’t need to directly answer.  Besides our sexual escapades were at the top of the list of things I did not want to discuss with my father.

“Nothing in particular, as you said before, we make a good team.”

There, vague and non-committal.

“Zarah! Are you sleeping with Troy?” he snapped


“If I am it’s none of your business unless it affects business,” I snapped back before putting my hands on my hips.

Dad glowered at me then went for gold.  “When it affects my daughter, it is always my business.”

It was at this point Troy decided to stroll in, taking in the scene of me and dad glaring at each other and casually announced after closing the office door, “you do know the whole office can hear your conversation, right?”

Double shit!

Troy looked directly at me for a moment then held out his hand.  I didn’t hesitate and walked to him taking it as he pulled me to stand in front of him his arms around my waist.

“Zarah and I are in a relationship, we hadn’t told anyone yet because it is still new enough for us to be working out how we fit together.  Working together, being with each other and the balance needed to make it successful.”

Damn, he always knew the right things to say and it made my stomach do little flips, I was so falling for this man.  I could see dad didn’t like it, his scowl was a work of art, then he seemed to let it go.

“Fuck it, I can see talking to either of you isn’t going to make you end this.”

I almost laughed, if Troy wondered where I got my bad language from, exhibit A was right in front of us.

“Just be sensible.  I want professionalism at all times, no sex in the stationary cupboard or any shenanigans like that!”

“Dad! Oh, my god, I can’t believe you even said that.  We’ve been together for close to three months and there hasn’t been a moment of non-professionalism,” I yelled at him.  Don’t think of the boardroom, don’t think of the boardroom I repeated over and over in my head and felt Troy stifle a laugh behind me.

“Fine! Make sure to tell me if this goes any further, I really don’t want to be blindsided again by an engagement, wedding, baby or even a dog for that matter.  I’d like to be the first one to know.  Now, get out of my office and do some bloody work, will you?!”

We left his office then and Troy took my hand as we walked back to my office not caring who saw us.

“You know, Zarah, that was pretty stressful, and you were very rude to your father.  That has earned you a hell of a spanking when we get home,” Troy said quietly to me.

“Maybe we discuss this later, Troy?”

“You’re right, somewhere quiet,” and looking around as if he was about to do something illegal he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into the stationary cupboard.

“You can’t be serious!” I laughed.

“Very serious. I wondered if there was enough room to bend you over or just a quickie up against the door.  Your dad shouldn’t have given me such ideas and I hate being told what I can and can’t do.”

I grinned back at him as he leaned down and proceeded to kiss me until I no longer cared where we were, he was all mine and we had everything to look forward to.

The New Partner – Part 4

the new partner

Giggling and feeling very daring, I stood up and stripped my dress off in a second. Clad in only a purple ribbon and purple heels I was suddenly struck by my own boldness and his face glowed with appreciation at the sight of me naked.

A sudden embarrassment flooded my cheeks and I reached for my dress to cover myself but he got to it first and had his arm around my waist a second later. Before I could protest further I found myself, yet again, face down over his knee completely naked. No holding back this time, no, his hand came down on my bare bottom with a sureness he hadn’t shown before. In no time my bottom was smarting but it also felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. His hand rose and fell till I was squirming trying to get away and not wanting to at the same time.

“Want more?” Troy growled out the question. The sound turned my insides to liquid as he slid me off his lap and onto the ground on my knees. My bottom was on fire and I didn’t have a care in the world as I nodded vigorously.

“You’re to go to the kitchen and get a wooden spoon, make sure it’s clean and then get back here as fast as you can.”

I sprinted, as well as one can sprint in four inch heels and completely naked, to the kitchen. Spoon, spoon, where are the damn spoons. I spied one in a cylindrical container along with whisks and the like. Grabbing that I raced back to the lounge.

Troy was leaning back against the sofa grinning his hands locked behind his head. “I forgot to tell you, you were supposed to come back on hands and knees, wooden spoon between your teeth.”

I gaped at him and then thought what the hell. Backing up to the door I went down on all fours, feeling a little silly and yet strangely aroused, I put the spoon between my teeth and moved with a steady gait till I was at his feet and looked up at him.

Troy was still smiling but no longer grinning. It wasn’t the taunting attitude I had feared, no not at all, instead his eyes held a look of admiration. He was pleased with me and I realised then he had not expected me to do this. I smiled around the spoon.

“Ere do u wan dis?”

“You shouldn’t ask such suggestive questions,” he teased me, taking the spoon gently from my mouth and patting his lap.

As I moved to place myself over his lap he wasted no time in bringing the wooden spoon down on first one cheek and then the other.

Splat! “That is for knocking me on the head earlier.”

Whack! “That is for taking too long to get the implement.”

Crack! “And that is for having such a sweet ass that just begs to be turned bright red”

Smack, smack, smack…he continued until I was wriggling like a garden worm, though hopefully much prettier. He seemed to know when I needed a break and rubbed his warm palm over my bottom that I was sure must already be bright red.

“A lovely deep pink,” Troy said as if reading my mind. “Still with me Zarah?”



“Yes Sir.”

His hand continued to circle my bottom then dipped lower, between my legs. A light chuckle came from him as I knew he had found just how wet I was. He easily slid two fingers into me which made me gasp and then moan.

“Ready for the last round?” Troy asked me as he brought me close to orgasm.

“Yes, Yes Sir, Yes,” I panted out just as he removed his fingers. Nooo, so close, not fair. I squirmed a little then but he held me still till I had calmed somewhat. Calm! My body sang, my bottom ached and my blood ran through my veins fired with a passion I hadn’t known before.

His hand came down upon me next. It was lovely but it hurt and I realised pretty quickly he wasn’t doing it as hard as he could. It hurt enough to be felt but not enough to take away the desire that was already there. Oh, he was good alright and finished off with a few very heavy smacks before helping me up to sit astride him.

Troy gently brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me softly but the time for finesse was long gone in my opinion and I returned his kiss with abandon. Tasting his mouth, sucking his tongue, my hands undoing his shirt and next his trousers. He laughed that dark, deep, lovely sound washing over me and helped me at my task. Soon he was free enough for me to have him as I needed and as I raked my fingers over his chest he took a condom from his pocket and had covered himself just before I raised myself over his swollen cock and took him inside me until he filled me completely.

A harsh groan, a soft moan and Troy just held me tightly to him for a moment but I couldn’t keep still, I had to move. To feel the sweet friction and slide of our bodies. He helped me ride him his hands beneath my ass, kneading the sore flesh as I moved in that age-old dance. Lowering his head, he nipped at my breasts with his teeth and finally took one aching nipple into his mouth. The twin feelings of him deep inside me and his mouth at my breast sent me spiraling and I arched my back as I cried out my release. It was so intense and I heard Troy’s harsh groan as he joined me a moment later.

Panting he pulled me into his chest again and I listened as his heartbeat slowed, cocooned in his arms. I could have slept where I was but he disentangled us and carried me upstairs to bed.

“I’ve got to go out of town tomorrow but I’ll be back by the end of the week. Will you come and stay with me next weekend.”

“Sure,” I mumbled feeling exhausted; it was Tuesday that gave me four days to get my legs working again, I could do that.

Snuggling into him, feeling happy and content, I fell asleep almost as soon as we hit the bed.


Four days, he was only gone four days and I missed him terribly.  Friday night he took me to his place and after a couple of rounds of spanking and sex  I fell asleep in his arms sated.

I awoke and stretched luxuriously in his big bed, finding myself alone. A grunt came from somewhere, then another. Frowning, I crawled to the other side of the bed and peered over the edge. Troy was doing push ups in nothing more than what he was born in and I was happy to simply admire his nice firm butt even if it did look like he was humping the carpet.

“What are you doing? I’ve heard of ‘polishing you knob’ but never seen it done quite like that,” I couldn’t help myself.

He laughed snagging my arm, my precarious perch on the edge of the bed afforded no protection and he hauled me under him for a tickling. I yelped whilst trying to fend off his sneaky hands with little success. Troy subdued my wriggling form effortlessly, pinning my hands over my head and leisurely kissed his way down to my breast. My nipple hardened when his tongue touched it and I moaned in delight, rubbing myself against him. He pressed wet kisses around my breast until he reached the tip again and sucked strongly. I arched my back to meet him and wrapped my legs around his hips surprised at how aroused I was; he went on and tormented my other breast in the same manner.

Troy let go of me and slid his hands down my sides. With a final tug on my nipple his mouth moved lower, following his hands. His tongue left a wet trail down my body and only stopped to dip into my belly button before delving lower. His hands moved down and underneath my bottom then around to grip my thighs and spread them wider so I was completely exposed to his gaze. His eyes devoured me before I felt his mouth on my hot, damp flesh. He kissed my pussy teasingly; nibbled, sucked and licked as if tasting a delicious fruit that he wanted to savour.

“Please Troy,” I gasped mindless.

“Please? Please what, baby? This?” he asked his tongue gently circling my clit as he pushed a finger inside me.

“Yesss, that.”

“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so,” he commanded.

His hands left my body and I heard a drawer open and a match being lit. I lay on the floor my eyes closed, my body open and trusting. Troy returned and nibbled my clit again before pushing two fingers easily into my aching, wet pussy. He moved away but his fingers remained inside me, fucking me in a slow and deliberate manner. I moaned and moved my hips matching the rhythm of his fingers trying to take him deep but he pulled back, kept me dancing on the edge.

“Remember, keep your eyes closed,” Troy reiterated.

I felt a hot burning sensation on my nipple. A flash of hot pain, I gasped my eyes flying open, then warmth and the pain became pleasure spiralling down to my clit. I closed my eye as he moved his fingers slowly in and out of me a few times before repeating the sensation on my other nipple. It was wax, the sting was hot, sharp and delicious. He continued his torture, dripping the wax on my sensitive skin and fingering me, building the sensations as he moved the dripping wax closer to my feminine flesh.

“Ready for more? You feel like you are, you’re so fucking wet, honey,” he purred.

“Yes, yes, more of everything, anything, Sir!” I gasped.

“Dangerous words,”

I cried out with pleasure when the first drop struck my sensitive inner thigh. The pain from it barely registered now as my overloaded and aroused brain translated everything to pure delight. I squealed and sobbed as the wax was dripped back and forth over my thighs and across the top of my mound. Troy removed his fingers from me and brought his hand to my mouth.

“Open your eyes,” he said, “now suck.”

I complied tasting myself on his fingers. I felt wicked and wanton and never wanted him to stop. Then he dripped hot wax directly on my clit and I screamed, the pleasure and pain mixing till I thought I would burst. Again and again on my most sensitive skin, I writhed under the onslaught and in that moment would have done anything he wanted. I felt desperate and undone.

“You are beautiful,” Troy whispered, “the things I want to do with you.”

Troy extinguished the flame and I watched as he peeled off the hardened wax from my nipples. My nerve ends rioted. The initial burn of the wax, then the cool air, his warm mouth layered sensation upon sensation to my oversensitive nipple and at the same time his fingertips gently brushed the wax off my clit and I climaxed immediately taking us both by surprise. I screamed my release but he didn’t let up until all the wax was peeled away and I managed to get my breath back.

Troy rolled a condom on before he pulled me up into his arms so I sat as astride him and with his hands under my bottom stood up and walked us both into the bathroom. A moment later warm water ran over us as I felt his cock nudge my body, seeking entrance. I sank down on his shaft as he pinned me to the wall of the shower and thrust into me like a man possessed. We kissed ravenously tongues tangling; tasting and biting lips. My hands gripped him, nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders as he filled me again and again. The pleasure from the wax play still hummed through me and the sweet slide of our bodies brought me quickly to the edge of another climax. I tensed, gripped Troy tighter as another orgasm ripped through me tearing a strangled cry from me. Troy’s guttural groans mingled with mine as he came a moment after.

We clung together panting as the warm water sluiced over us and slowly disentangled our limbs. He kissed me lightly and smiling I grabbed the soap determined to give him a thorough washing.

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The New Partner – Part 3

the new partner

The board room had a luxurious feel to it. The long, wide mahogany and oak conference table dominated the room with black high backed leather chairs sitting on a plush burgundy carpet. Keira had laid out a tray with glasses, iced water and some biscuits. I poured myself some water and tried to calm my nerves and hydrate my dry mouth. I almost spilled it when the door opened and Troy walked in.

His eyes fell to the unopened file on the table as he slowly closed the door behind him. I didn’t want to put him on his guard so I took a seat and tapped my fingers on the file, waiting for him to sit.

“Keira said you needed to see me about the Fortuna deal, everything has been worked out, what more is there to discuss?” he said coming straight to the point.

“I didn’t want to discuss the Fortuna deal.” I decided to be direct as well. “I want to discuss what happened between us in that hotel two weeks ago.”

He immediately got up to leave, I was faster. I made it to the door before him and placed myself in front of it. I knew this room was soundproof so no one would hear us.

“I’m not going to discuss that, there is nothing to say.”

“Like hell there isn’t!” I exploded.

He gave me that look, the same one as at the hotel just before he threw me over his shoulder. Maybe that was the key, I had to push him, goad him into it. Was that fair? Probably not, but I wasn’t feeling in a fair mood.

“There are things here you don’t understand and that I do not have the patience to explain. Leave it Zarah.”


“Please, move away from the door. It’s best for us both.”


“Zarah, it shouldn’t have happened. I’ve put it behind me, you need to as well. It was a mistake.”

I wanted to slap his face for saying that, for making me feel like it was nothing, like it was something dirty or wrong. It hadn’t felt like that, it had felt right. I wasn’t going allow him to make me feel that way.

“It wasn’t and I won’t put it behind me, you said it would help, it did, it really did. I won’t let you just brush it aside.”

“What will you do then? Run to daddy, tell him what the bad man did?”

“No, I would never do that,” I was horrified at his words and what they suggested.

“Wouldn’t you? That’s what I’ve been expecting for two weeks, wondering when I would get my marching orders for paddling your backside even though you deserved it.”

“Yes I did. I admitted it then, I admit it now and what’s more I want you to do it again.” My face was bright red with the admission.

Troy walked towards me, then walked me backwards until my back was pressed to the door. He considered me for what felt like an eternity then bent his head so his mouth was next to my ear.

“I am going to lock the door and by the time I turn around I expect you to be positioned over the table with your skirt up and panties down, proving you accept my authority in this. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I nodded a little breathless and surprised at how much I wanted to do as he ordered. I moved like lightning wriggling my tight skirt up to my waist and pushing my panties down to my knees at the same time as I lay face down over the board room table. I hadn’t realised till now just how much I wanted this.

He wasted no time and with his left hand pressed down on the middle of my back his right palm cracked across my bottom with a strong and steady and pace that had me crying out by the fifth smack. Troy did not relent, even as my bottom began to sting and I began to sing. Even when I moved or wriggled he simply commanded me back into position and continued the onslaught.

“You asked for this, remember that,” Troy said as he moved away.

“Yes, yes,” I panted, “I’m such a bad girl.”

He came back a moment later and the first sting of whatever implement he had found, his belt I soon realised.  I couldn’t stop the cries that came as the spanking continued and I was able to let go and completely surrender to the pain.

“God, your mouth, it must get you into so much trouble.  If you were mine, you would get this regularly,” Troy said breathing harshly.  He stopped spanking me once I had surrendered and was gently rubbing his palm over my burning derrière; as before I could feel another sort of burning sensation that was harder to admit to.

“How do you feel?” Troy asked softly.

“Much better, thank you Sir,” I replied sniffling a little.

He continued rubbing his large hand over my bottom then dipped between my legs gently brushing the edge of my panties and finding me wet, he groaned but removed his hand without taking it any further.

“When you stand up, you’re going to take off your panties and give them to me.”

I stood up and blushing did as he asked, he took my lacy pink panties, folded them neatly, and tucked them into his trouser pocket.

“Dinner tonight, my place at seven, don’t be late,” Troy said as he walked to the door and opened it. Looking over his shoulder at me before quitting the room, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips, he said, “don’t wear any underwear.”


I was full of nervous energy by the time I got to Troy’s place. We were taking it up a level, having only indulged in a couple of spanking sessions up till now. The first time because of my rude behaviour and the second because I asked it of him. Troy was obviously no stranger to this sort of thing and I was fast coming to realise how much I enjoyed it as well as how beneficial it could be.

Troy had initiated the first instance and I the second, in a somewhat underhanded manner, but there were times when a woman just had to fight for what she wanted. Still, why had he held back after that first time? I wanted to get to the bottom of that too.

I was wearing a pink silk dress, without panties as prescribed, actually I had on no underwear as a bra wasn’t necessary with this dress and I felt quite naughty and aroused from it already. Lilac shoes, purse and ribbon in my hair completed the ensemble, and men thought we couldn’t travel light; this little number would put paid to that notion.

Knocking at the door I straightened my skirt and waited. No one answered. I knocked again, and waited further. Hearing footsteps I looked around and saw a couple taking a stroll. So engrossed in this, and wondering if they could figure out I had no underwear on, I never heard the door open. Instead I ‘knocked’ again, directly on Troy’s head, who happened to be coming out to greet me as my hand was descending. He grunted and stepped back pulling me with him.

“Sorry,” I sputtered, trying my best not to laugh and failing miserably.

“You really are a brat,” he said once I was inside and bent his head to brush his lips over mine.

I hiccupped, still laughing. “That’s what happens when you keep people waiting.”

He smiled and motioned towards another room. “Come on, I have some wine open.”

I followed him into the kitchen eyeing the rest of the house, or what I could see of it, on the way. It was very stylish and spacious. Cream carpet and walls; dark furnishings with interesting tapestries and paintings scattered about. The kitchen was an amateur chef’s dream, modern and sparkling appliances and something in the oven that smelled divine.

He took my hand and pressed something soft into it. Looking down I realised it was my panties, that he had taken from me earlier. Frowning I looked back at him.

“I did as you asked,” I said feeling confused.

“I know, I shouldn’t have asked it. You should cover yourself up again.”

We were back to this and my anxiety, nerves and lack of patience skyrocketed and got the better of me.

“Why not?” I cried.

“We work together, we shouldn’t let anything else get in the way.”

“And yet you asked me over for dinner and I’m here, that sounds like two consenting adults wanting to enjoy each other’s company.  What is so wrong with that?”

“It could confuse everything. We can have a pleasant meal together and take this no further.”

“You know what I think?  I don’t think you know what you want! You run hot then cold and I am not used to this sort of back and forth.”

“No, you aren’t, you are used to getting whatever you want and so you stamp when it doesn’t go your way.”

“This is not about things going my way. You are playing with me. I have been nothing but direct and honest, it is you who always sidles and I want to know why.”

“Or what?” he asked quietly.

“Or…nothing. That wasn’t a threat just a request for honest communication, Troy. I came here tonight in the hope that maybe, just maybe, there was something worth building on, a spark to nurture. It is as if I am asking for the world.” I thought for a moment and then looked up understanding dawning on me. “Is that what happened? Someone threatened you?”

We stared at each other for a long moment and though I don’t know what went through his mind I could see a decision was made.

“Yes, threatened to go to the police and other unsavoury things.”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, trying to speak, then shut it firmly and thought for a moment.

“Will you tell me what happened?” I asked gently.

He nodded. “It wasn’t exactly the dinner conversation I had planned but you are right, if there is hope for anything between us there are some things you should know.”

The food was delicious. Oysters Kilpatrick to start; grilled stuffed chicken breast with a white wine sauce and spring vegetables; followed by fresh berries and homemade Whisky ice-cream. During which Troy explained the sad details of his previous relationship. Emma, his ex-fiancée had managed to take him for half his fortune by using his own nature against him.

“She was a princess and always got her way. Regular speeding fines, disrespecting others and their property. Emma had no shame and thought everyone should bow to her. I didn’t of course and she liked that. Disciplinary spanking was soon introduced and she had fully consented to it even saying it helped her. She was convincing enough and I really believed she was interested in that being part of our relationship.”

When she saw the opportunity, Troy didn’t know, but he finally realised their life wasn’t going to go in a direction he wanted and decided it was time to make an end. That last night when Troy told Emma it was finished, she begged him for another chance and that she would do as he said; she even pleaded for a harsh spanking so she would know he still cared enough to correct her.  Troy gave in to that and spanked her hard. After the spanking, he found he had no desire to make love to her and knew then it was completely over and sent her to sleep in the guest room.

“Emma was furious, I could see it in her eyes, nothing had changed I just couldn’t see where it was all heading. The next morning, she threatened to go to the police with charges of domestic violence, then contact my employer and get very vocal about my…predilections.”

“What a bitch! What happened?” I was shocked, not understanding why someone would do such a thing.

“She wanted money that was all. We negotiated a price, I paid it.”

“Just like that?”

“I wanted it over as quickly as possible. Getting away from her was the priority.”

“What if she tries to bring it up again?”

“No, I hired a detective, I wasn’t the only scam, she has a history of it, she has nothing on me but I have plenty on her. If she had gone to the police that day she definitely had marks to back up a claim if made and I didn’t want to find out how serious she was.”

We sat and sipped more wine after this revelation and I felt the atmosphere changing as if we had shared something personal enough to open other doors, as if the barriers that I was constantly feeling had now been removed.

“I would never…” I started.

Troy smiled at me and for once it seemed truly carefree. “Zarah don’t. I already know that. You’re nothing like her.  Yes, you were a princess that night in the hotel but I realised that was not typical behaviour from you.  I’ve seen how you are over the past weeks working with you and your dad.  You’re committed and thorough and always pleasant to those around you.  However, not very compliant, you haven’t put your panties back on as I told you to.”

I laughed then and poked my tongue out at him. “And I’m not going to either, besides you didn’t actually tell me to.”

“We shall have to work on your listening skills and your obedience, or maybe I just spank you for the hell of it,” Troy grinned.

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The New Partner – Part 2

the new partner

Without further discussion Troy brought his hand down upon my clothed bottom once again, only this time when he continued spanking me he alternated paying each side of my bottom plenty of attention. It wasn’t too heavy just enough to feel it with a light sting that slowly built as the spanking continued. It actually felt quite nice and there was almost a reassuring feel of his hand on my back, a connection I had never felt before; how strange it was.  I had always wondered about it from an erotic view point but there wasn’t anything really erotic about this, more comforting.

Troy stopped spanking me and said, “I want you to take off your jacket and trousers. Will you do that?”

“Yes Sir.” I said. He helped me to my feet and I took off my jacket, undid my belt and removed my trousers, kicking of my shoes as I did so. I blushed and quickly went over Troy’s lap again.

He began spanking me immediately and I could feel it much more intensely than before. He also began spanking the tops of my thighs, now exposed, which stung even more. I could really feel it and found myself making small noises each time his hand descended.

“You alright?” Troy asked but did not stop spanking me.

“Uh…yes…oh…Sir.” I panted out between smacks and then they started to come a little faster and harder and there were some distinct ‘ows’ coming out of my mouth. He continued and I felt very warm.

He soothed his hand over my panty clad bottom and thighs. “Please stand up, there is more I have to ask of you.”

I stood and felt a little odd standing before him like a schoolgirl who had just had her bottom walloped. I was breathing heavily, my bottom stung and felt hot, but there were certainly no tears.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t need for us to go this far…but it seems something more is needed. I want you to remove your panties and go and stand in the corner”

I looked at him to see if he was serious, he was and turned his head away to give me some privacy. I removed my panties, left them on the floor and went to the nearest corner. I stood facing the corner in only my blouse and bra and felt even more like a recalcitrant schoolgirl.

“Put your hands on you head. Stand up straight,” he said from behind me. “Your bottom is bright pink. Why is it bright pink?”

“It’s pink because I was rude, Sir.”

“Is that all?”

“No, Sir.  I was foulmouthed and made a scene in the lobby.”

“I am going to make that ass red before I am through with you. Then we will both know how sorry you really are. You are in need of much discipline, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, I am, Sir.”

I don’t know how long I stayed there like that, it was likely about five minutes but could have been twenty for all I knew. Troy seemed to be moving around the room, getting himself a drink perhaps, I couldn’t see. I felt even more like the naughty girl I was; should have put my hair in pigtails. A small, quickly suppressed, giggle escaped at that thought.

Troy sighed behind me. “Remove the rest of your clothing and then I want you over my knee again,” he said softly, almost ruefully as if he had thought he would not need to go this far.

I did as I was told with my face and bottom burning, so ashamed of how I had acted, of being naked like this, even of enjoying it all in an odd way and worst of all I was aroused. Having this man order me around like this was extremely exciting. I was always the one in charge, always the decision maker; not this time, yet I had made the decision to submit to this punishment. I wondered what else I might submit to and the thought brought a hot flush to my body and between my legs.

I was sure he would see my arousal but when the first smack landed on my bare bottom I forgot all about that. I yelped and tried to move but his hand on my back held me down again. Troy’s hand lifted and fell over and over, I don’t know how many times or for how long, and my bottom truly began to burn. I started crying out with each smack. This continued for some time and I began pleading for him to stop. ‘Red’ he had said, but only if absolutely necessary. He wasn’t going to get that out of me. I felt the tears at my eyes and when a little sob came out I thought he would stop. Instead, he increased the intensity and he was truly thrashing my bottom harshly until I was sobbing quite loud and without any shame. I felt something in me release and I slumped fully over his knees sobbing and making no effort to get out of the way of his hand.  The pain had transmuted into something else entirely and I felt in an almost dreamlike state.

I was still sobbing and hardly realised he had stopped spanking me. He picked me up gently, wrapped the bedcover around me and held me close stroking my hair.

“You did so well and were so brave. I was hard on you, for your first time, but felt you needed it,” he murmured.

“I did,” I admitted and looked up into his face. I must look a fright and was sure my make-up was running down my face. He smiled and kissed my mouth softly. “You’re beautiful,” he said as if reading my mind. We stared at each other a while and something gently blossomed between us in that moment.

“Go, have your shower and I will order us some food. We have a lot to talk about.”

I bounced off the bed feeling strangely energised, even with a burning bottom and a distinct but not unpleasant burning elsewhere, and with a quick grin said, “Yes Sir!”

Two weeks later.

I waited until my father was available and made a beeline to his office. My heels clicking on the floor as I entered; he looked up and smiled.

“Hiya pumpkin,” he spoke cheerfully.

“Dad! I wish you wouldn’t call me that at work.”

“For fuck’s sake, Zarah, no one’s around.”

“I know but what if you slip up when someone is, I’ll never live it down.”

“Alright, I’ll try. Now, why are you in here.”

“Can’t a daughter just say ‘Hi’ to her dad when she feels like it without it meaning more?”

“Not this one.”

“Out of your five children I am the only one who took the slightest bit of interest in the family business and this is the thanks I get,” I said laughing.

“Sorry pumpkin but I know you’re up to something. What is it?”

“Well, since you ask. What do we really know about this new guy, Jamison?”

“Enough to make him a partner, why? You don’t trust my judgment?”

“Of course, I do, it’s just…”

“What, exactly?”

“I don’t know, exactly, just something.”

“You two had a fight?”

“No, no nothing like that, just…do we really need him?”

“Look Zarah, he’s the best in the field, which means he’s the best in our field. You can’t deny the latest proposals have all gone a lot smoother than usual. Besides whether you admit it or not, you two make a great team.”

I looked at him sharply, he just stared back with his eyebrows raised. I couldn’t tell him the real reason. Daddy he spanked me, he spanked me till I cried and it felt so damn good I want him to do it again and this time I don’t want him to stop at the spanking. No, one does not admit such things to one’s father.

“You’re right, it’s just all the changes are getting to me a bit.”

“Good girl, now I’ve got a meeting in ten so…”

“Sure, thanks dad.”

I went back to my office and sat for a while, trying to work and failing miserably. I got up, paced to the window and looked out over the city.

Damn it, the man was driving me crazy. Two weeks ago I had what could be described as an epiphany at his hands. Then nothing, nada, squat! He had said after I showered we would talk, we talked alright, he asked about every detail of the company. But not one word about what happened when he took me over his knee and spanked me to submission. I was mortified when he said nothing and then couldn’t bring it up myself. He proceeded like nothing had happened, as if I hadn’t just been completely naked and in his power. Not one word, and I didn’t know how to handle this sort of situation.

At first I was confused, unsure, within days embarrassed, and now I was just plain angry; fighting mad and it was time for a showdown.

I buzzed my PA. “Keira, please organise a meeting with Mr Jamison in the board room as soon as is convenient for him, tell him it is in relation to the Fortuna deal.”

“Right away, Zarah.”

I went back to my desk to wait and Keira called back inside two minutes.

“Zarah, Mr Jamison is free in fifteen.”

“Perfect,” no time like the present, “set it up Keira”

“Consider it done.”

I had time to check my appearance, collect the files that I wouldn’t be discussing and headed off to the fake meeting. I needed to appear confident, that was the trick, though I could feel my heart beating as if it sat in my throat.

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